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Australian Owned Accreditation

Highest Award of Three Star Accreditation

Swift Digital – Australia’s leading marketing automation platform – is proud to have been awarded the triple star Australian Owned accreditation.

Since the early 00’s, Swift Digital has been Australian owned and operated, focusing on providing a marketing automation service and event management platform to a wide range of Australian public and private sector organisations.

What is the 'Australian Owned' Accreditation?

The Australian Owned green and gold logo signifies that companies are Australian owned. It has been established to help support Australian owned businesses and to help rebuild the Australian economy after the global COVID-19 pandemic.

What does the Triple Star Rating mean?

The three start award is the highest accreditation that can be awarded. This award means the organisation has satisfied the following criteria:

  • Verified 80% or higher Australian ownership

  • Australian labour/raw material makes up the majority of total production cost (excluding water, packaging and assembly)

  • Minimum of 80% of sales being Australian manufactured/produced

  • Majority Australian workforce

Australian owned

Swift Digital's Commitment

Swift Digital is committed to ensuring that the organisation remains Australian-owned and operated and providing a service that continues to support local, regional and national Australian businesses and organisations.

Together, we can help build a strong and prosperous Australian economy.