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If there’s one marketing concept that has been the topic of many ‘how to’ articles, it’s ‘Call To Actions’, or CTAs for short. Well, we’re going to add yet another one to the list, as you can never have too much advice about this very important concept. That’s because you can’t really survive as a marketer without using CTAs and unless you’re using extremely good CTAs, you’re going to struggle.

It’s sometimes very difficult to conceptualise a good call to action for every marketing campaign, which is why many marketers scour the internet for ideas – in fact, that’s possibly how you’ve arrived at this article? Regardless, if you’re after something that’s short and sweet, as well as a little bit different to the basic ‘click now’ CTAs that flood the internet, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 14 effective and short call to actions that might just give you the edge you need:

  1. Get started – Yes, we know this is very similar to ‘click now’, but it’s an effective variation that is short and sweet. Whether you want to use this for a signup, a download or similar, don’t forget to explain the context of what they’re getting started on within the rest of your CTA so that readers know what to expect. Incidentally, you might recognise this CTA from our very own website!
  2. Try it risk-free for [? Days/a week etc] – Used by Microsoft and many other high-end brands, this CTA is a great alternative to the hard sell, as the word ‘try’ is a softer term that gives the impression of low risk for downloadable apps and products or subscriptions.
  3. Learn more – This is another classic CTA that’s short and sweet, but it’s enduring because it appeals to the reader’s sense of wonder in that they want to learn. Best used for informational products or products that you can create a demonstration or instructional video or document for.
  4. Order your [?] today – Just like the word ‘now’, the word ‘today’ implies that the customer will be instantly gratified if they click the link. It places an idea in the reader’s mind that they’ll receive the product or item today (even though they likely won’t, because the CTA actually refers to the customer ordering today) and that is, of course, very appealing.
  5. Sign up for a free [?] – You can use this CTA to link to a trial, membership or sample. The magical word in this CTA is the word ‘free’, which is hard to resist by anyone. While there’s no real sense of urgency, this simple CTA is still very effective.
  6. Send me my [?] right now – Not only does this CTA imply a sense of urgency, but it also gives the reader a sense of connection to your product or service with the use of the first-person words ‘me’ and ‘my’. This CTA is also great, as it makes the reader feel like they already own the item, so they’ve already taken that first step down the sales funnel.
  7. Start your free trial now – Another simple-yet-catchy variation that’s a good choice for software as a service (SaaS) organisations who offer free trials. If you compare this to a softer CTA such as ‘sign up for a free trial’, you’ll notice that this CTA is much punchier, appears to offer instant gratification (unlike ‘sign up’, which implies there might be a short delay) and has that magical word ‘free’ in it.
  8. Subscribe now – Yes, this one is very common and probably doesn’t seem like a catch, but trust us when we say that it’s still very effective. You can elaborate about what the reader’s subscribing to in the accompanying copy, so you don’t have to take up room unnecessarily if you have limited space on your button. Two-word CTAs are oftentimes more effective than longer, complicated ones, so don’t be scared of trying them!
  9. See how it works – This is another CTA that appeals to people’s sense of wonder and curiosity. It doesn’t imply a level of commitment like the words ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe’ do and this makes the reader feel like there’s no risk. This CTA is great for SaaS.
  10. Get [?] today only – By using the words ‘today only’, you’re creating a strong sense of urgency, which is a great prompt for undecided readers to make their move. It’s best to use this for products or services that are actually only available for the day or other period of time, as repeat customers may see this as a dishonest move if you use it continuously for well-stocked products or perpetual services.
  11. Get your free [?] – While this may seem slightly aggressive at first glance, it’s quite effective. There’s that word ‘free’ again and the whole CTA is short and to the point.
  12. Talk to us / Chat to us – These variations of ‘contact us’ are just a little more enticing and implies that the customer service team you’ll contact will be a little more friendly than usual.
  13. Get [?] while supplies last – Another CTA that strongly implies urgency, this is a great tactic for businesses selling a product that’s almost out of stock. Again, it’s best to be honest and only use this if the product is actually in short supply.
  14. Experience [?] – Usually used in the context of ‘experience the benefits of ?’ or ‘experience our ?’, this CTA uses the sensory word ‘experience’ to convey emotional benefit. Ensure you convey what the benefits of the product or service are in accompanying copy.

These are just a few of the thousands of CTAs that are highly effective. If you need a CTA that doesn’t take up the length of your page or email though, these will deliver. To find the CTAs that work best for you, we recommend you test them out using A/B testing until you find the few that perform to your satisfaction. Our marketing automation software can help you do just that.

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