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We are all looking for ways to improve our business so it can continue to expand, grow, and survive.

Growing your business by capturing more leads and obtaining new customers is of course important, but it’s also vital that you’re engaging with your current customers and followers in the right ways.

Finding out more about your audience, including their problems, wants, and needs, enabling you to maximise your marketing efforts and provide a better service to your customers.

In this post, we look at the advantages of using online surveys to engage with your target audience.

1. It’s Quicker!

Unlike paper forms, online surveys are quick to complete and collect data from. You don’t have to hire a team to do cold calls or stop people in the street or outsource to another company. You can simply let the electronic form do the data gathering for you.

Collecting results and conducting analysis is also much quicker. You can, in fact, start to analyse the results of your surveys automatically in real-time as they come in, rather than waiting to collate all the information at the end.

Online surveys can’t get lost like the old-fashioned paper version and people are also much more likely to complete them if they don’t have to go to the hassle of mailing them back to you.

2. You Can Expand Your Reach

By putting your surveys online, you eliminate the boundaries of traditional paper surveys that would prevent you from scaling your research. You are able to cross countries and continents, and have access to thousands or even millions of responses.

Today’s advanced translation technology means it’s easy to dynamically translate online surveys into the language of each recipient. Manually translating and mailing out surveys in dozens of different languages to different countries and compiling the responses would be a vast undertaking, but when everything is online it becomes a very straightforward exercise.

The fact that online surveys are more accessible, quicker, and easier to fill out means that you can also expect much higher participation rates, particularly if you offer some kind of incentive for submission.

3. Get Honest Feedback

Unlike telephone or face-to-face surveys, you can make your online surveys anonymous so users are more inclined to answer honestly.

In this way, surveys are a great tool to help you tailor your products and services based on real responses and genuine feedback.

A carefully written survey can help you to get lapsed customers back and retain existing ones as you can be sure that you’re meeting their needs by reacting to their honest feedback.

4. Benefit from Versatility

As online surveys are so easy to set up and analyse, you can use several different question types in any combination and with any criteria. While it can be difficult to understand paper forms where not every section is mandatory, in an online survey you can automatically skip over sections or adjust the questions based on previous responses.

You can create branded designs for your surveys so you can seamlessly embed them into your business website. When you use mobile-responsive page templates, your customers can fill out a survey on a desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device.

Email integration means that not only can you invite people to fill out your survey by email, but also you can also automatically send an email to each respondent when they have completed the survey.

You can also allow respondents to save their progress and return at a later time, which is useful for longer surveys that may take some time to complete.

5. They’re Cost Effective

Online surveys are an affordable way to gather data that you can use to make positive changes in your business.

There’s a very low set up cost but you can obtain incredible reach. As software handles every step of the process for you, there’s no need to spend excessive time or resources or outsource to an expensive market research company.

Rather than going out and hunting for people willing to answer your survey, you can let the answers come in organically via a link on your website or sending an email to your list. You can also use a segmented list to target particular groups of people.

Are You Taking Advantage of This Powerful Research Method?

If you haven’t yet benefited from the insights that an online survey can provide for your business, it’s probably about time you investigated.

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