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This is our follow-on article from ‘5 Tips for an Amazing Event Planning Strategy’ and offers five more excellent tips you can use in combination with our Event Management solution.

Ensure accepting invites is easy

This is a very important aspect in this day and age when social media makes it so easy to quickly ‘like’ something then move on. You want a lot of likes, sharing and other buzz of course, but you also want to turn those likes and shares into event attendance. The way to do this is to ensure it’s super easy for people to register for your event or buy tickets. This can be solved by integrating with things like in-app or in-page social media checkouts, by ensuring links to a simple checkout page is included in everything or even by including the payment gateway I to communications. The shorter you make the steps between seeing your communications and accepting/buying tickets, the more attendees you’ll gain.

Do things differently and add more to your communications

We know we told you to stick to what works up the page a bit and that still holds true, but if there are things you can do to help your brand stand out from the crowd, do it. Similarly, by putting some extra effort into your communications, you’ll be ensuring your brand is remembered well after the event. Some examples of going above and beyond include:

  • Adding a video to your invite email showing the fun had at previous events.
  • Sharing the positive testimonials of past attendees or positive reviews of your brand in written or video form.
  • Dedicate an email or webpage to keynote speakers, celebrities or other important guests who will attend your event. Again, this could be done in video format too.
  • Send confirmed attendees a personal message from a celebrity or similar.
  • Offering a pre-event gift or sample to those who purchase a ticket or indicate they’ll attend.
  • Promote your next event at your current event in a different way, such as a giveaway or a free ticket raffle.

Let your attendees be the stars

Don’t just tell your attendees what they’ll gain from being at your event, but also let them know what your brand and other attendees will gain by having them at your event! Determine what your attendees have to offer your brand and then try to think of ways they can voluntarily participate in it. You’ll be making them feel as though they are the stars of your show and who could refuse that?

Measure and gather data on everything!

You’ll likely be measuring event ROI, but don’t forget that an event is a wonderful opportunity to gather general data about your current and potential customers, their likes and dislikes, as well as their take on how valuable the event was to them. Hopefully, you’ll pad out your CRM and hone your understanding of your audience.

Give Swift a call!

Don’t forget too that when measuring your ROI, it’s not all about monetary gain, but whether your event has created new leads and brand awareness too. We at Swift Digital can help you measure these things, as well as provide the software and integrations that can help you achieve almost everything in this list, so give us a call on 1300 878 289 or via our contact page to ask how. We look forward to being part of your next successful event!

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