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Report Updated 25th February 2021

Swift Digital today released updated primary research into the Australia Events market, its reaction to COVID-19 and when organisations expect to restart in-person events.

When asked on 15 February 2021, most, indeed over 40%, surveyed Australian Event Managers expected to return to face to face events within weeks. 

This is up dramatically from just 15% expecting to return in the same period when asked on 7 December 2020.

“The imminent rollout of COVID-19 vaccines combined with the very low case numbers in Australia appear to have dramatically raised Event Manager confidence in the last 60 days.” says Poochee Yuen, CEO of Swift Digital. “In December 2020 most Event Managers were not expecting a return until Q1 2022. Now, most expect a return in just weeks.” 

Swift Digital Virtual Events Australia Research 2021
25th February 2021

As part of our updated research back in December 2020, we asked Event Managers again, “When is the earliest you would be confident booking and planning in-person events?”

Event Manager confidence in a return to face to face events has collapsed further in just the last 30 days.

Swift Digital Virtual Events Australia Research 2021
18th December 2020

Research from our first survey back in September that Event Managers aren't confident that they will be running face to face events in the near future.

Swift Digital Virtual Events Australia Research 2021
9th November 2020

New research providing benchmarks, statistics and best practices applicable to all Australian Businesses

When in-person events became near impossible how did organisations react, what worked and how should event organisers plan for the return to normal? To answer these important questions, Swift Digital conducted a survey looking into the status and future of the Australian events industry.

The results from the survey are now in.

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Stand out key findings

When Covid-19 shut down in-person events, many organisations 47% shifted a portion to virtual but 18% completely stopped all events

Swift Digital Virtual Events Australia Research 2021
6th October 2020

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  • Top 5 virtual event skills needed to run a successful online event.
  • Who is running virtual events and how they are running them.
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Planning a virtual event? Use our Virtual Event Planning Guide to help you and also Download our handy virtual event planning checklist.

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