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It may not be the first thing you think of when setting off on an email marketing campaign, but configuring a Custom Domain Authentication should be your priority.

This helps your campaign in a variety of ways, and without it you can be certain that it’s not reaching its full potential.

We have four reasons why Custom Domain Authentication is a must-do for any business with an email campaign.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Subdomain

1. Delivers Emails into More Inboxes

Internet Service Providers such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft aim to protect their users from spam and malicious email content by flagging when an email is unauthenticated and sending it to a different folder.

They do this using DKIM and SPF processes, so if your domain isn’t authenticated, you can feel confident that it won’t pass those tests.

By authenticating your domain, you are ensuring that your emails are delivered directly to the inboxes of more of your subscribers or target audience, enhancing your chances of a successful campaign.

2. Increased Recipients Trust In Your Brand

Most consumers instantly trust an authenticated domain address more than one that is not, as it has no mention of the webmail providers or ESP in the name.

When an email lands in their inbox, they can immediately see where it is coming from and that will determine how they view your brand overall.

It gives your brand a more refined, professional touch that your audience will love.

3. It Protects The Name of Your Company and Your Transactional Emails

If you use an unauthenticated email address for long enough, chances are that they will be flagged by recipients as spam.

If this happens enough times, your company’s address can get completely blacklisted.

This is not only a nightmare for your campaign as a whole, but for emails that you are required to send to customers, such as transactional information.

When you set up Custom Domain Authentication, this rarely occurs as people are less inclined to report your emails to begin with.

All of these benefits lead up to the ultimate goal…

4. Boosts Open and Engagement Rates

This is what an email marketing campaign is about. You want more people to open the email, read it and take interest in your products or services.

Without Custom Domain Authentication, the process is a whole lot more difficult. Get authenticated and take away those road blocks to see your email campaign reach new heights.

Harness the Power of Email Marketing

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