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When it comes to events with hard attendee limits, or events with entry fees, selling tickets is a must.

Selling tickets online is not only best practice – but expected.

That’s why we want to explore the best online ticketing system in Australia.

The easiest way to manage registrants for any event is to ensure that there’s a conversion step: hopeful registrants need to demonstrate commitment by purchasing a ticket.

With the difficulty of the last few years, and with the expectation that most transactions should happen digitally, every event manager and marketer is asking about managing ticketing online.

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How do you do Online Ticket Sales?

Selling tickets would be straight forward offline, in real life. You have a limited number of tickets to give out, and as you do you take down the details of each ticket’s recipient. You know you’ve reached your limit when there are no longer physical tickets in your hand.

With online ticketing, you need an application or system that does this tallying, transaction, and management for you.

What is an Online Ticketing System?

An online ticketing system is a software, platform or in-browser application that digitally manages event registration, ticketing and payment management.

These online ticketing systems range from the bare basics (event registration form with automated email confirmation tickets) to all-in-one automation platforms (where all aspects of event management are automated and managed online).

How do I Set up an Online Ticketing System?

By choosing the best one for you and taking the plunge. 

There are free online ticketing systems which you could get up and running in a heartbeat, whilst more advanced, sophisticated platforms have a cost, and require a bit of set up.

What is the Best Online Ticketing System in Australia?

The best online ticketing system in Australia is the one that fits your purposes the most.

If you’re an individual who runs events rarely, then a free, accessible online ticketing system would probably suit your needs.

If you’re an Australian company who wants a branded online event experience, integrated payment gateway and all your data stored securely on Aussie soil, then the best online ticketing system in Australia will be one that ticks these boxes.

There are also online ticketing systems that come as part of a package. If your company is looking for a multi-channel marketing solution, then you might want to make a commitment to a multipurpose tool rather than a tool that only provides ticket management.

Here’s a handy list of some of the more popular online ticketing systems used in Australia.

Application Description Cost Data Storage
Swift Digital Australia’s leading  multi-channel marketing automation platform. Including full Events management, ticketing, and integrated payment gateway. You have full control over branding and domains used to host registration. Annual subscription fees apply. Includes real 1 on 1 account management and custom support and training. Data is stored in Australia
Eventbrite Event management platform with online ticketing system, including payment gateway integration. There are limitations on branding. Free to use. Eventbrite takes a cut of each ticket sale made. Data is stored in USA
Ticketebo Australian free-to-use event ticketing system. Simple to use, but more geared towards individuals with low branding requirements. Free to use. A fee is charged per ticket and is payable by the event registrant. Data is stored in Australia
TryBooking An online ticketing system with event management tools such as seating arrangements, etc. There are limitations with branding. TryBooking is free to use for free events. If your event requires payment collection, then both organisers and event registrants are charged a fee per purchase. Data is stored in Australia

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