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What is Corporate Conference Management?

Corporate conference management is the planning and overseeing of a business event usually by an event planner or event manager. The corporate conference management team organises an environment for corporate executives to provide business information, tutorials and education to specific organisations over the course of a one or two day period.

What is a Corporate Conference?

A corporate conference is a formal gathering at an event that usually spans from one to two days. Businesses and organisations attend corporate conferences to provide information on a chosen topic,  industry or business.

Corporate conferences are usually used to educate, inform and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals. 

These topics are usually kept to a corporate nature and include politics, business, academic and financial. The corporate conference management team is the one that oversees, manages, plans, runs and executes the corporate conference.

Virtual Corporate Conferences

A virtual corporate conference is the same as the above except for it is held…you guessed it. Virtually or online.

It’s still usually a formal gathering of individuals from sectors including finance, government, politics etc. it is usually run on a virtual event platform or service and is usually managed by the corporate conference management in a different way. 

Virtual events aren't going anywhere

Virtual events aren’t going anywhere but Swift Digital’s recent survey shows that over 40%, surveyed Australian Event Managers expected to return to face to face events within weeks (April 2021).

So, it’s looking likely that online and offline corporate events will once again run in parallel. 

The corporate conference management team will set up the conference so individuals can connect via a mutual video platform.  They will often include break out sessions, speaker control, keynote speakers and team-building activities.

Online events are sometimes if not more effective than a physical corporate conference.

It can reduce waste, be more sustainable, reduce travel times and provide a safe and secure environment.

Types of Corporate Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Digital Experience

  • Trade Shows

  • Galas

  • Dinners

  • Presentation Awards

  • Town Halls

  • Networking Events

  • Digital Expos

  • Team Building 

  • Product Launches

Why do we need Corporate Conference Management?

We need corporate conference management to ensure the setup, planning and running of the event is executed professionally and the event runs smoothly. The corporate conference management team is made up of event planners, event coordinators, event managers, event marketers.

The conference team can sometimes extend to ticket collectors, traffic management, program curation and speakers.

Types of Corporate Conference Managers

Other names given to corporate conference managers include:

  • Event Manager
  • Director of Events
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Technologist
  • Event Moderator
  • Event Facilitator

What do Corporate Conference Managers do?

The corporate conference manager’s role is to plan and manage the corporate event and to oversee the logistics and running of the event. The event could be a corporate event seminar, corporate conference, trade show, product launch and more.

The corporate conference managers duties include but not limited to;

  • Working through and managing event budgets
  • Managing registrants and attendees
  • Manage the corporate event logistics
  • Manage the venue and other third party vendors
  • Sending SMS communications to attendees when needed (last-minute venue changes, parking notices etc)
  • Post-event communication, reporting & analysis
  • Manage event staff and work alongside venue and catering staff

5 Steps to Corporate Conference Management Success

1. Research and Event Goal Setting

An important part of managing a corporate conference is research.

Do not oversee or skip this part.

During your event research, you need to set SMART objectives and goals for your corporate event. What is the purpose of your event? What is your event goal?

Other research includes; venue research, research into the right event management tools and software for your corporate event.

2. Planning

After you have completed your research, next is to start planning your event.

This means you need to plan to hire your speakers, plan the logistics event around your selected venue, who will be attending, the number of attendees, your budget, the marketing resources and how you will be promoting and marketing your event. 

There is a lot to think about during corporate conference management. 

3. Conference Planning Checklist

Do you have an event checklist? If not, you should have.

Download our must-have event checklist and our virtual event checklist. These will both help you plan out your next corporate conference and will make sure you won’t miss a thing.

Checklists are a fantastic and useful resource, print it out or stick it on your desktop so it’s super handy for when you next plan your event.

4. Promotion

What’s an event if nobody turns up? You need to ensure corporate event promotion is part of your overall event strategy.

This includes design and creating the;

  • Invitations
  • Registration forms
  • Follow up emails
  • Social media posts
  • Event landing page

You also need to curate and develop the resources your audience will find useful and helpful.

Use your corporate conference management platform to help promote your event and create teaser emails in the lead up to your event. Use email to promote your speakers and as a speaker reveal.

5. Evaluation

So, how did everybody find your corporate event? Want to know how you can improve? Use a post-event survey and send it to your attendees.

Send your survey using Swift Digital’s survey tool and email it to your attendees. Find out what went well and what can be improved.

Your corporate conference management system should be able to mark attendee’s statuses so you only send to people who attended or did not attend, paid and haven’t paid.

An all in one event management platform like Swift Digitals includes a Landing Page module where you can create a branded landing page to send to your event attendees, on here you can include post-event downloads and resources along with your survey.

You can also monitor your contacts engagement rates in your event management system by evaluating their opens, clicks and responses.

Using a Corporate Conference Management Platform

Events are not easy to plan. They are not easy to run nor manage. They take a lot of time and effort and sometimes are quite resource-intensive. As a corporate conference manager and event planner, you don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything, that’s where the corporate conference management platform comes in. 

But how do you know what corporate conference management software is a good one and which one will work best for your event? Firstly, if your event management software is capable of automating your event management then that’s a good start.

What do we mean by automating your event management?

Events tasks such as building and sending invites, monitoring registrant and attendee statuses, keeping track of payments, sending follow up emails and reminder SMS are all complex tasks that can easily be automated with corporate event management software.

Automation Features in a Corporate Conference Management Platform

  • Registration and Attendee Management
    Swift Digital’s corporate conference management platform has the ability to create and design your own branded invitations and registration forms for your event. It will monitor your attendee’s responses as they come in.You can then market and promote your event to attendees based on their event status. For example, for all the people who have a ‘not paid’ status, you can send them a reminder email that the payment deadline is coming up.
  • Automated Reminder and Follow Up Emails
    Send automated reminder emails to your conference attendees, a week before the event, a day before and even on the day. Send out emails with event info on landing pages.
  • Automated SMS Reminders
    Send out automated SMS’s straight to your attendee’s phones. These can be reminders of the event coming up, or event info. Either way, they will have it handy on their mobile.
  • Payment Options
    Use Swift Digital’s corporate conference management system to streamline your event by taking payments in your event automation platform and sync your attendee’s payment status.
  • Check-in App
    Use a check-in app to scan your attendees in. Create more professional corporate events with a check in-app functionality.
  • Wait List Functionality
    Don’t miss out on any interest. If your event has hit capacity then apply a waitlist. Your registrant will be notified once a space becomes available. Easy!
  • CRM Integration
    Integrate your conference’s attendee information with your CRM. Check the status of them and track their engagement rates. See more about CRM integration here.

Tools Needed For Corporate Conference Management

  • Event Automation Software –  One of the most important corporate conference management tools. Send invitations and registration forms, track engagement rates, send SMS and follow up emails as well as taking payments and creating discount codes. Swift Digital’s event management system does all this and more. See more about event management software here.
  • Google Docs – Googles docs is one of the best ways to stay connected with your team. It is a great collaboration tool that allows you all to live edit your documents, strategies and budget sheets.
  • Project Board e.g. Trello, – and Trello help you to see the bigger picture, and make plans that can be tracked as well as tasks that can be assigned.
  • Slack/Skype – Fantastic tool for communication and transparency. Create groups depending on a topic, add alerts and stay connected with the corporate event team.
  • Video Conferencing Software –  A must-have if you are running a virtual/online event.

Powerful Event Management Software

The benefits of running corporate events, whether you hold physical or online events are endless. 52% of respondents asked about the importance of events in their marketing strategy said that events drove more results than other marketing channels.

You can continue to reap the ROI of holding events without breaking social restrictions. Consider managing your corporate events virtually.

Use our Virtual Event Planning Guide to help you and also Download our handy virtual event planning checklist.

Looking to make your next event more sustainable or want help with corporate event management and marketing?

Ask the experts at Swift Digital about how we can help automate the process of organising and marketing your corporate events (online or face-to-face).

Virtual Event Planning Checklist

Plan your virtual event successfully and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Get our Virtual Event Planning Checklist now!

Download Checklist

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