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Email marketing deliverability is one of the most considered and important factors for marketers when it comes to deciding what type of email marketing platform to use.

Rightly so, deliverability is key to running a successful marketing campaign. After all, what would be the point if after all your planning, the recipient never actually receives your email!

There are a number of best practice tips when it comes to deliverability that should be implemented across your email marketing platform. In this article, we list 10 important technical and non-technical practices to help improve your overall email deliverability.

1. Subject line

Your subject line is one of the first things your recipient is going to see from your email – so make it a good one. If your subject line not only looks boring but also looks spammy, (think: “You’ve won!”, “Congratulations!”) then both people and ISP filters may identify you as spam. And it’s safe to say, you will be tucked away in your audience’s spam/junk folders.

2. Make unsubscribing easy

Whilst an unsubscribe link needs to be included in your emails to be spam act compliant – it isn’t enough to just include one in tiny, illegible text at the bottom of your email. To ensure high deliverability, you have to make it easy for your users to unsubscribe; this means making the option clear and visible within your comms.

 3. Keep frequency consistent

Having a clear and concise content strategy will usually take care of this, however, if you don’t follow a content strategy, try to follow a strict schedule for your regular sends. It’s important that your recipients start to recognise you as a trusted source, and with your emails coming in at regular intervals, this will also improve your reputation with ISP’s.

4. Don’t buy email lists

As tempting as it may seem, it is advised not to buy lists to grow your subscriber base. These people will not value your communications and chances are you will get marked as spam. Also, if Australia is going to adopt similar rules to Europe – with the latest introduction of GDPR – bought lists are far from GDPR compliant. Best to start good habits early!

5. Clean up your lists regularly (Data hygiene)

Whether you have bought your data (not a good idea!) or you have worked hard on organically building your subscribers, keeping your data clean via regular data cleanses is key to deliverability success. Cleaning up your data includes removing hard bounces and people who have asked to be removed and unsubscribes. This is even more important to practice to ensure you are compliant with the likes of GDPR and the spam act.

6. Create emails people want to read

The actual content of your emails is not going to affect your overall deliverability but if your emails are boring and not relevant, you are more likely to be marked as spam, or have a high rate of un-subscription. Make it interesting, make it current, make it readable. It’s all about pushing out content that your subscribers actually want to read.

7. Use a Preference Centre

People often mark their emails as spam just because they find it hard to manage preferences, and unsubscribe. As easy as that, a hard-earned contact has disappeared. This can be very easily resolved by setting up a preference centre, allowing your subscriber base more control over the content that they want to see and receive and at what frequency they want to hear from you, too.

8. Personalising your Emails

Assuming you have segmented and targeted your data, it is very good practice in email marketing to use personalisation within your content. Including the recipient’s first name, location, or if you’re in the e-commerce industry, their purchase history. This not only assists with your engagement levels but it will increase the relevance of your emails with the subscriber, overall contributing to an increased trust and an improved deliverability score.

9. Sub Domain

When it comes to email deliverability, reputation is everything. Having a custom subdomain plays a role in your brand’s reputation. It is better for branding and improves subscriber confidence and trust. Your subdomain will be a contributing factor when it comes to ISPs determining where the email will ultimately land, so make sure you set it up.

10. Authenticate your Emails

Using your email marketing platform you will have the option to perform some technical improvements to assist in increasing your deliverability. These include setting up your Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance (DMARC). For more information on these please download the Swift Digital Deliverability Document.

Getting the most out of your marketing automation software

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For further information on deliverability visit our set up and deliverability page.

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