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After all, we are human

When it comes to marketing, planning your campaigns around strategy and data analysis is a good starting point. But, let’s not forget, behind every number is an individual, a real human being, somebody with feelings and emotions. Let me introduce to you empathy in marketing.

Deep and Meaningfuls

Marketing is an art, just like design, just like music, it is an art of communication. The ability to show empathy and to empathise should be practiced in marketing, which also includes email marketing.

What is Empathy Based Marketing?

Empathy in marketing is about putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. It’s about learning to understand how they feel, act, think as well as how they communicate. As a marketer, you can use empathetic insights in your content and communications.

But I work in a corporate industry, how can I show empathy?

In some industries, showing empathy will likely be trickier than others, however if you can still get into the shoes of your customer you are on the right track. Listening, reflecting and responding appropriately is the first step to practicing empathy.

Empathy in Email Marketing

We have already spoken about how email marketing is becoming dominated by data and statistics, it is easy to forget that, after all, we are all human. The key is to use our data analytical skills and combine them with our empathy skills. Overall, this will help us communicate with our customers on their level.

Examples of Empathy in Email Marketing

  • Understanding sensitive times for your subscribers
  • Using conversational language in your emails
  • Using language that your audience/readers or customers would use
  • Using informal language (if appropriate)
  • Championing subjects and beliefs of your audience (be sure to be genuine with this one)
  • Humanising your content and emails
Although statistics and data are crucial to our everyday email marketing, don’t just get bogged down in the numbers, truly master the art of marketing by combining these with the empathetic marketer in you!
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