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Remember when websites used to be simple?

Remember the single paged websites? Where complexity never went beyond a simple navigation pointing you in relevant directions?

These sorts of websites still exist, but their purpose is now finely tuned.

We call them Landing Pages.

A landing page has one major advantage over modern websites, and that is:


A landing page should be the beginning and end point for discovering all a visitor needs to discover about a specific product, topic, or event – all in one place.

A landing page should also serve your purposes, not just the visitor’s. In the case of event landing pages, that purpose is to get the visitor to register, and become an event attendee.

Giving your event its own landing page will super-focus your marketing efforts. Think of it as the centre of all your promotional communications. Drive everybody to your event landing page, and that landing page becomes a powerful converting tool.

Here are 3 reasons why you need an event landing page:

1. An Event Landing Page Funnels Traffic

All your digital marketing efforts should channel traffic to your event’s website, helping its search rankings, as well as concentrating traffic on a page entirely under your own jurisdiction.

2. An Event Landing Page Focuses on Conversion

An event landing page enables you to supply incoming traffic with the information, and incentive they need to convert into registrants (and attendants) of your event.

An event landing page Enables Free Marketing (via Social Media).

3. An event landing page Enables Free Marketing (via Social Media)

An event landing page also gives you wider access to ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Where your registrants, or interested parties, will more likely share your event with others across their social media networks; boosting your overall reach.

Who doesn’t like free marketing?

Tips for Maximising Conversion on your Event Landing Page

Your event landing page will be a powerhouse tool for converting interested parties into registered attendants for your event. For this reason, you need to make sure your event landing page is leveraged as much as possible.

Here are some tips for making your event landing page as effective as possible:

Establish Who, What, Why, When and Where ASAP

Your event landing page should answer the following questions for potential attendees, without requiring that they scroll.

Who is this event by?
What is the event?
Why do I need to go to this event?
When and where is this event held?

Essentially, you want your website’s copy and design to answer these questions at first glance. Capture your traffic’s interest before they potentially close the window.

If a potential attendee will need to scroll, and read your site at length to get the information they need, they may lose interest before you establish your real selling points.

Make your most important points up top, and as concisely and clearly as possible

Make Their Decision Easy: Provide a (Short) Sign-Up Form

If you’ve answered the potential attendee’s answers straight away, you won’t want them to lose momentum by asking that they navigate further to find the registration form.

Embed your registration form directly within your event’s website, and make sure it’s as short and sweet as possible.

If all you really need to know about a registrant is their full name, and email address – don’t bother asking for more.

People will more likely convert if the sign-up process takes them seconds, not minutes.

Make Use of Your Site’s Traffic, and Collect Leads

If your event is well marketed, chances are your event landing page is going to generate a lot of fresh, marketable traffic. Whilst your main objective is to convert that traffic into registrants, you won’t want to lose all the potential data you could collect from those visitors who are unable to attend.

Why not provide a second CTA to subscribe non-registrants to mailing lists for future nurturing?

Of course, your non-registrants will want an incentive for subscribing. If your event is educational, why not promise to send a recording of the main talk? Or perhaps a downloadable whitepaper or eBook on the subject at hand?

If your event is social in nature, you could ask they subscribe to hear about future similar events.

Either way, don’t let potential leads slip through the cracks simply because they can’t, or won’t, attend your event. Make sure you’re capturing their details!

Provide Social Media Share Buttons On Your Site, and On Registration Confirmation

As mentioned above, you can utilize your registrant’s enthusiasm to further your event’s reach. Simply provide social media sharing buttons on your event landing page, as well as on the Registration Confirmation page.

A registrant will likely share across their Facebook or LinkedIn network that they are attending your event, and thus you’ll reach an audience you potentially would have missed out on otherwise.

Landing Pages Make Event Marketing Easier for Everyone

The beauty of old school websites is that they were often mono-focussed, easy to read, and even easier to take relevant action on.

You can leverage the simplicity and focus of a dedicated site by giving your event its own landing page.

Make it easy for your potential registrants, and even more importantly, easier for you and your team.

Give your event’s marketing efforts an anchor, by giving your event its own landing page.

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