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How to Improve Internal Federal Government Stakeholder Communications

Internal communications requirements vary from one government department to another. Ensuring communication compliance across teams can be time consuming and difficult to implement consistently. That is why Swift Digital’s email marketing software has quickly grown in popularity among so many local, state, and federal government stakeholder newsletter.

With over 15 years’ experience in email marketing and long-standing partnerships with government departments, the team knows exactly how to create effective internal government communications.

Here are our top five tips for creating dynamic internal government emails.

Email Newsletter Best Practices Guide

  1. Plan and design the best newsletters
  2. Use fonts and colours that complement each other
  3. Write content that your readers want to read
  4. 20 content ideas!
The Complete Email Newsletter Best Practices
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Get the Right Tools

“But I’m just sending internal emails, what is email marketing, and what does it have to do with me?” 

It can be easy to think you’ve got everything covered with text only e-mail. But did you know 60.8% of people occasionally or often ignore emails on the job?

Email marketing software gives you access to world-class techniques that are used to attract attention, engage a saturated consumer market.

When you use the same communication strategies that large corporations use to entice customers, your internal messages are more likely to be noticed, read, and acted upon.

Email marketing software can provide the tools you need to:

  • Create beautifully designed, on-brand emails
  • Embed appealing interactive elements 
  • See who has engaged with a message 
  • Create exciting, pre-set user journeys 
  • Automate common processes, e.g., onboarding new staff
  • Easily segment databases and send personalised emails
  • Increase open rates with optimised subject lines and copy
  • Ensure newsletters are sent on time every time
  • Optimise communications for mobile

Keep it Short and Sweet

When an email is overloaded with monotonous copy, the chances of it being read are low.

Use ‘read more’ links to provide more information without boring readers. 

Select the most crucial sections of your message for your email. Add a ‘read more’ button for them to click to see further information. Voilà! You’ll know who clicked the link in your email, giving you vital engagement data.

Stick to a Schedule

Timing is everything! If you’ve committed to sending a weekly or monthly internal newsletter, be sure to send it on time, every time.

It makes a significant difference to engagement rates. If your audience knows when they should be expecting to see your newsletter, they’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

This can help prevent your email from being lost in their inboxes.

Don’t fret about always being available to send the newsletter at the right time. Swift Digital’s email marketing software lets you automate emails to be sent with time triggers, so you can be on leave when your regular newsletter goes out!

Make it Personal

There are few things worse than giving people the impression they are nothing more than a number.

Impersonal messages are far less likely to be opened and engaged with, while personalised emails have 25 percent higher open rates and 51 percent higher engagement.

Segmenting your audience is also critical. Swift Digital’s email marketing platform lets you restrict content by mail group, data, or behaviour, so you can avoid spamming people’s inboxes with content that is irrelevant to their position.

Encourage Engagement

There are three keys to creating engaging email content: a hooky subject line, an attractive design, and interactive elements.

47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

The three most effective subject lines involve humour, spike curiosity, and/or provoke fear of missing out (FOMO). Once your reader is past the subject line, remember first impressions count. Your message needs to look great. Ugly colours, too wordy, difficult to read typography, and pixelated graphics are all big turn-offs. 

Finally, give them something with which to engage.

Whether they click a link to download a form, read more, watch a video, complete a survey, add an event to their calendar, or any other action you want them to perform, provide interactivity and you’ve achieved your goal.

The Preferred Email, Events and SMS automation Software For All Australian Government Departments

Swift Digital’s templates help you effortlessly create stunning emails and events communications using our drag-and-drop email and event builder.

You can raise engagement with embedded images, videos, polls, article feedback, and emojis and schedule messages to send at the right time.

Government departments’ unique marketing requirements are covered with Swift Digital, and full compliance with all anti-spam and privacy laws is guaranteed. Swift Digital is also ISO 27001 certified.

Swift Digital is Australia’s leader in marketing automation software and event management working with organisations like the NSW Government, ATO, and companies like Westpac Bank and Qantas.

Find out why we’re the Australian government department’s number one choice for their professional communications and events.

To find out how your business can get the best out of Swift Digital’s platform, contact our team today.

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