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What are Australian Government Events?

Australian government events are events explicitly run by or for the Australian Government. These public sector events are usually part of a broader government initiative and strategy. They are usually attended by other government employees and the citizens of the state and country.

Most Common Australian Public Sector Events

In Australia, events run by the public sector and government organisations are commonplace, take form online and offline, and are usually run by government departments, agencies and local government authorities. 

Some of the most commonly run Australian public sector events are:

  • Keynote speeches

  • Training events

  • One-to-one sessions

  • Media releases

  • Announcements

  • Sporting events

  • Gov summits

  • Awards and Recognition

  • R&D events

  • Press Releases

  • Conferences

  • Speaker programs

  • Staff days

  • Business events

  • Tourism events

  • Local and Interstate events

Event Planning Checklist

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Event Planning Checklist
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NSW Government Events

NSW government events are events held or attended by the NSW government and its citizens.

Some of the most popular NSW public sector events are:

ACT Government Events

ACT government events are more geared towards the political and corporate audience. ACT government usually run events attended by citizens, stakeholders and public servants. 

Some of the common ACT public sector events that are run in the ACT include:

  • Tech in Gov
  • Parliamentary speeches and events
  • Conferences 
  • Speaker Programs
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet events
  • Exhibitions


Public Events Victoria

Public events in Victoria include a range of sporting events and tourism events, they also hold corporate events and conferences, cultural events and local government events. 

Some popular and common events held in Victoria include:

Australian Government and Public Sector Event Checklist

When planning your public sector events, you must plan and organise them with the community stakeholders in mind.

Planning and managing an event in the government sector can be challenging and require forward planning. That’s where an Australian government event planning checklist comes in handy. 

  1. This checklist ensures you don’t miss any vital elements when planning your event.
  2. Be on top of every little task of event organisation.
  3. We’ve captured everything from marketing to registrant management, name label printing, and on-the-day attendance marking!
  4. On the-go checklist that you can easily download, print and save.

Don’t plan your event without it!

5 Ways To Run Successful Government Events

1. Keep The Event Local

Bureaucratic events are usually run in their local area or within the state to which they belong. The Australian government provides funding and initiatives to local councils to help run events.

We are now seeing physical events returning to numbers that we were used to pre-pandemic, with the Government keen to lead the way with the  ‘return to normal’ in the events space.

Holding your government event locally also allows the local people to attend and engage in corporate or public affairs. 

Reach out to your community and make a positive impact! 

2. Choose an Appropriate Timely Topic

When planning your gov events, you should decide on a topic or subject from the beginning that your want focus your event around. 

This topic can be the draw card for your audience. Choosing a topic that will entice people to register and attend your government event can be hard. 

Making sure your topic is appropriate and timely is a good start. By timely, we mean it is a good idea to speak about a topic or subject at your state or federal run events that will be relevant or have an affiliation with a recent past or upcoming event. 

Some examples of government event topics are below:

3. Use an Event Automation Platform

The gov events you will be running will require planning, promotion and managing.

It doesn’t stop there; you got your budget management and logistics, not forgetting the management of the wider event team and guest speaker management. 

An event management automation platform will automate tasks such as invitations, registrations and reminders for your event. It will allow you to plan, promote & manage public sector events from end to end using one central platform, ensuring all event information can be easily accessed and managed.

Many government departments use event management platforms like Swift Digital to organise and run successful government events.

Features of event management platform useful to Australian Government

  • Australian stored data 
  • Branded invitations and registration forms
  • Branded confirmation tickets
  • Appointment booking calendar functionality (1-1 appointments)
  • SMS and Email communications for events

4. Run the Event Virtually and Physically

Back in 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Swift Digital ran a research project regarding the shift to virtual events in the Australian events management industry

The results were clear; virtual events were here to stay. 

Running an online or virtual event is now pretty much the norm. Virtual events are easier to host and easier to attend. They can deliver a great ROI because they require much less budget. 

We have continued to plan and host virtual events well beyond the end of social distancing measures.

What gov events can be run online?

  • 1 on 1 appointment
  • Public sector Interviews
  • Internal and External Meetings
  • Conferences 
  • Entertainment (speeches, presentations, awards, etc)
  • Educational webinars
  • Community organising
  • Fundraising events
  • Networking events
  • Workshops & classes

5. Utilise The Events Department

If your government organisation or department is accustomed to running events within the government sector, then you will know what we mean by this!

You and your team don’t have to take on the responsibility of running the event all by yourself. 

In most gov departments, there will be an events department. If this is not immediately apparent, you can be sure that there will be an events team within your organisation that you can work with.

These are your event experts and will help you run a successful event.

The Preferred Email, Events and SMS automation Software For All Government Departments

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Government Events FAQ

How do you run a successful event?

Running a successful government event requires planning, strategising and management. 5 key things to do when running your event are; to define a clear goal, consult the event planning team, know your audience, use an event automation platform, and develop an event marketing strategy.

What is the government’s role in the events industry?

The government and local government’s role in the events industry is to plan, manage and fund initiates for community events. The government’s role is to ensure appropriate venues, spaces, skills, and resources are available to run events.

What are Australian Government events?

Australian public sector events are events run specifically by or for the Australian Government. They are usually attended by other government employees and the citizens of the state and country.

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