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What is Webinar Marketing?

Webinar marketing is part of your webinar strategy to help promote your webinar. It is used to engage an interested audience in your product or service online in real time. Webinar marketing can include email communications, email marketing campaigns, reminder emails, building landing pages with webinar information, sending SMS, pre and post-webinar surveys and producing engaging social media posts.

Why Are Webinars Important For Business Promotion?

Webinars are a versatile and powerful tool for business communication and promotion, enabling organisations to communicate their objectives and businesses to showcase their expertise.

Webinar marketing is a fantastic way to connect with your audience, and it is good for generating leads and driving engagement effectively.

If webinars aren’t a part of your wider marketing strategy, it’s about time they were. A dedicated webinar marketing strategy is a good starting point.

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Why Are Webinars Important For Business Promotion?

Webinars offer a unique blend of accessibility, engagement, and versatility.

Webinars allow businesses to engage directly with their target audience in real time, fostering a sense of connection and interactivity that can be more challenging to achieve through other digital marketing methods.

  • Establish Thought Leadership
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexibility and Convenience for audiences to learn more about you and your business, service/product

What’s Included in a Webinar Marketing Strategy?

A webinar marketing strategy can include:

Goal Definition: Clearly define the objectives and goals of the webinar, such as educating prospects, generating leads, showcasing expertise, or promoting a product/service. Align your marketing efforts with these goals to ensure that all activities contribute to achieving them.

Target Audience Identification: Identify your target audience for the webinar based on demographics, interests, industry, job roles, or other relevant criteria. Understanding your audience’s needs, pain points, and preferences is essential for tailoring your marketing messages and content to resonate with them effectively.

Content Development: Develop high-quality, engaging, and relevant content for the webinar presentation. Ensure that the content addresses the needs and interests of your target audience and provides valuable insights, solutions, or actionable takeaways. 

Webinar Platform Selection: Choose a suitable webinar platform or software that aligns with your technical requirements, budget, and desired features. Consider factors such as ease of use, SMM capabilities, audience size limitations, customisation options, integration capabilities, and reporting/analytics features.

Promotional Plan Creation: Develop a comprehensive promotional plan outlining the tactics and channels you’ll use to promote the webinar.

Email Marketing Campaign: Create a series of targeted email campaigns to promote the webinar to your email list and segmented audiences.

Engagement and Follow-up Plan: Plan for audience engagement before, during, and after the webinar to enhance the overall experience and drive post-webinar actions.

Measurement and Optimisation: Post-event webinar summary, measure engagement, ROI, attendees, registrants, leads generated, conversations and identify improvements and opportunities.

5 Great Channels For Promoting Webinars

How to promote a webinar? Our users often ask our team here at Swift Digital this question. 

Swift Digital has been offering online and offline event management software for events and webinars for over 20 years, and we have also run numerous online webinars ourselves, so we have a few ideas and tips on the best ways to promote a webinar.

Webinar promotion can be spanned across several channels. We have outlined some of the key channels below to market your webinar. 

1. Email Marketing Software

Using email marketing software when promoting your webinar is a great start! Especially one that can incorporate event management and webinar integration, like Swift Digital. 

Managing your communications for your webinar inside one email marketing platform can aid in your webinar promotion.

Your email marketing software can help you promote your webinar by offering tools to build and send webinar invitations, webinar online registration forms, and webinar reminder emails to attendees and registrants. 

Webinar reminders and webinar communications in the lead-up to your webinar are crucial in ensuring your audience turns up, and an email marketing platform is an ideal tool for this.

At Swift Digital, we have used email marketing in our wider webinar marketing strategy to promote our online webinars for over 10 years. It is the most direct way to reach your audience. 

Ensure your data and email lists are segmented to your target webinar audience, that your emails are highly personalised, that the benefits of the webinar are highlighted, and that you include any incentives to attend and a strong CTA to register.

4 tips on the best ways to promote a webinar using email marketing software

  1. Segment your list – Create a targeted list for your webinar invitations, and nurture this list before and after your webinar so you aren’t contacting cold.
  2. Create a webinar email campaign –  Create a lead nurture campaign before and after your webinar. Send emails before the webinar teasing out the topics and encouraging registrants.
  3. Utilise marketing automation – Let automation do the work! Use marketing automation tools to set and forget your emails, saving time and resources.
  4. Compelling email content/CTAs – Read and read again, test and test again. Use content, graphics and imagery that are punchy and compelling, and only use one call to action, Register today!

2. SMS Marketing Software

Incorporating SMS Marketing into your webinar marketing plan is one of the best ways to promote your webinar. Why? It’s instant; everybody has a phone, it has excellent open rates (98%), high ROI, and, above all, SMS marketing is affordable. 

Promoting a webinar has never been easier with SMS tools. It is one of the best ways to promote your webinar alongside email marketing. 

With Swift Digital’s all-in-one marketing automation platform, we are not only an email marketing and event management platform, we also offer SMS as a communication tool to help promote your webinar. SMS is often overlooked in webinar marketing, but it is one of the most effective ways to promote your webinar. 

4 tips on the best ways to promote a webinar using SMS marketing software:

  1. Build your list – When acquiring subscribers, include a mobile field. This can be used later to promote your webinar.
  2. Send reminder SMS messages – Use SMS to remind registrants of your webinar closer to the time and see your attendance rate skyrocket! 
  3. Provide incentives – Offer incentives or exclusive offers in your SMS to encourage subscribers to register for the webinar. This could include early access to resources, discounts, etc.
  4. Comply with regulations – SMS is a powerful tool for webinar promotion, so make sure you can continue to use it by ensuring that your SMS marketing campaigns comply with relevant regulations

3. Landing Pages

How do you promote a webinar using Landing Pages? Easy! When promoting a webinar, you can use the landing page to provide details about the webinar, such as date, time, location, agenda, speakers, and a link to the registration form for visitors to sign up for your webinar. 

Incorporating landing pages as part of your webinar marketing strategy will help your audience understand what your webinar is about, how it will be run, and how they can join and register. 

Convince your audience to sign up for your webinar and use the landing page builder to promote your webinar. You can also use the landing page to answer your audience’s questions about the upcoming webinar.

4 tips on the best ways to promote a webinar using landing pages

  1. Choosing a platform – Choose a platform that you can easily build landing pages in, with no coding needed, drag and drop, and publish to the web instantly!
  2. Integration – Choose a platform to house your landing pages and easily link with your webinar. An all-in-one event management and marketing platform is ideal.
  3. A/B testing – Ensure your landing page software can do A/B testing so you can easily test out webinar content and layouts for the best results.
  4. Clear Design – Use compelling headlines in your landing page, a clear layout, clear CTA’s, social icons, visuals, and registration form and remember to test, test, test before publishing.

Optional Channels You Can Also Use

4. Survey Software

Promoting a webinar using surveys can effectively engage with your audience and gather valuable insights while generating interest in your event.

You could run several surveys as part of your broader webinar promotion campaign on a survey platform

4 tips on the best ways to promote a webinar using survey platform

    1. Pre-webinar survey – Send a survey to gauge interest in the webinar topic and find out what your audience finds challenging or questions about the webinar topic. This will help promote and shape your webinar. 
    2. Audience preference survey –  Use this survey to promote the webinar and find out your audience preference regarding webinar delivery, webinar length, platform preference, etc.
    3. Teaser surveys – You can use this survey to tease topics covered by the webinar, cover questions raised in the pre-webinar survey, and promote that the webinar will cover these questions, topics, and more.
    4. Post-event feedback survey – Like all good webinars, create post-event feedback, and use this as an opportunity to promote your next webinar, also, remember to ask what topics they would like covered in the next webinar. 

5. Social Media Channels

We have used social channels over the past 10 years for webinar promotion. Learning how to market a webinar using social media is fairly straightforward. 

4 tips on the best ways to promote a webinar using social media

  1. Artwork/Creative – Ensure your webinar artwork is engaging, has all the webinar information, is easy to digest, and has a strong CTA. Ensure the webinar artwork is not too busy or overwhelming. 
  2. Video – You could even create a short video with a clear CTA to register for the webinar. Make sure this video is short, at most 5 seconds. 
  3. Platforms – Choose the right platforms for your webinar audience and find out where they are most active and engaged.
  4. Teasers – Promote the webinar using teasers and countdowns, create urgency, and provide webinar sneak peeks. 

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