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Managers implementing their organisation’s marketing strategy understand that managing change while mid-marketing-pathway can cost you significantly. Budget, schedule, brand communications and ROI can all suffer.

The Fear of Change

“Fight or Flight” is the fundamental tenet of human survival. In modern day terms, it might well be rendered: “Job security is the opposite of change”. When it is first announced that the company is considering switching toolsets, many of your workers will already be on edge. Adding to these base fears is the fact that by changing their daily work environment and processes you are devaluing their skills and experiences; what they were capable of or had done in the old system will no longer give them any real advantage in holding their jobs.

While it’s undeniable that a new tool suite represents a big shift for the company, it shouldn’t be too hard to reassure employees that they will not be held at fault for the change being required or judged harshly if they take time to adapt to the new system. Making some simple gestures to show their value to the company, such as throwing a lunch, or providing hands-on training with the new suite to get them up to speed, can lessen the impact on morale.

How to keep everyone on board while you roll out

Building a flowchart of the new platform’s roll out period is the most effective way to implement a new process into your organisation. It’s vitally important to keep the entire team engaged with and participating in the changeover. You can encourage them by scheduling regular meetings to discuss their use of the new platform and address concerns. Without constant support, few employees will buy into the change. You can also reverse this process and use it to help phase out the platforms you will no longer be using.

Update your processes to reflect the change

To minimise the impact of the change on team output, you should also examine the impact it has on practices and processes involving that platform. Practices which made good use of the old platform may be much less efficient once employees have switched to the new one. Sometimes the new platform will offer functionality which lets you add new shortcuts. By making these changes part of your roll out plan and bringing them up at changeover meetings you ensure that your team are starting out on the new platform with best practices in place.

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