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No matter how many registrants sign up or how great your event may be, you’re likely to have a significant number of no-shows. You can’t prevent last minute clashes or family emergencies, but you can improve your attendance rates by sending out a series of value-building reminder emails.

The Email Cycle

The cycle should begin with a ticket/confirmation email, sent straight to the registrant upon completion of registration. This email should, at the very least, thank them for their registration, list the pertinent details, and include a CTA to add the event to their calendar.

The first reminder should go out two weeks before the event. This email should remind the registrant that the event is coming up and why they signed up in the first place, repeating the original value proposition. Add value by including links to related content – speaker profiles, news articles, blog posts, etc. Don’t forget to add details for any corresponding social campaigns, including hashtags or accounts registrants should be following. Send another of these, with different content, one week out

The Reminder Emails

Out of sight means out of mind, so be sure to send a reminder the day before the event to refresh everyone’s memories. Include any maps/itineraries, etc., your hashtags, and a refresher on the original value proposition to get people hyped.

Be sure to mark event attendance on the day and wrap the cycle up with a ‘thank you for attending’ message. Reward those who showed up by sending out any certificates/presentation slides/ebooks/whitepapers. Takeaways like this will cement the value of the event in your attendees’ minds. This is also the perfect time to promote any related upcoming events to start the cycle over again!

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