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1. Lower Cost

Although useful, outsourcing your work to an agency can be quite time consuming and costly. If you are a small to medium organisation these costs can slowly start adding up.

Advertising agency fees can include overheads and a number of hidden costs that are then passed onto you, the customer. Bringing your knowledge in-house means that you know all the resources are being used to make sure you meet your targets.

2. Deep Understanding of Your Products, Services and Customers

Working with an agency, it is best to understand that you are one of their many clients/customers. They have to do a lot of research about their clients and their products and services in order to provide them with the best output of work. 

A successful advertising strategy starts with knowing exactly what is the product/service you are selling and it’s key benefits, the journey, the future and the focus. An agency will never be able to understand your product/services as well as a dedicated in house team can.

3. The Best of the Email Specialist Talent

It was a known fact that ad agencies used to attract the best talent. That being said they still do attract some amazing talent, however, organisations are now attracting the same level if the not a better level of talent. 

The advertising agency lifestyle just isn’t what it used to be, so don’t be put off, your next email marketing specialist could be the best in the business.

4. In-House Teams Can Practice Agile Marketing

Digital advertising and marketing are changing at a faster pace than ever before, this means you need to keep up with what’s trending today and have insight into what’s going to be hot tomorrow. This is called agile marketing.

Being able to react and be first to market with your messages and emails is important. You don’t want to be involving agencies, creating briefs and signing quotes before you can even start your work. 

Bringing your email marketing team in house can make sure you can move quickly and streamline your processes, reducing unnecessary delays.

5. Relationship with Your Customers Improves

Who knows your customer better than your own employees? Eventually, your agency will only start to begin to understand a little bit about your customers, but they will also know a little bit about lots of their other client’s customers. Building an in-house team whether it is a content team, media team, or digital team is like building a mini agency, except every member of this team will be focussing on the one customer. 

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