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What is an Internal Communication Strategy Template?

An internal communication strategy template, sometimes also known as an employee communication strategy template is what organisations use to plan, coordinate and strategise their companies’ internal communications. It is the guide used by teams to ensure their internal communication goals are met.

Download Your Free Internal Communication Strategy Template

Creating an internal communication strategy template does require tactics, work and of course, time, which we all know is very precious. So, we have taken the guesswork out of planning your internal communications and have come up with this handy internal comms template plan.

The internal comms plan template includes five key steps which if followed will assist you in creating internal communications that will help you hit your KPIs and increase your engagement rates.

Click the image below to download the internal communications strategy template.

How to use your Internal Comms Plan Template in 5 Easy Steps

1. The Why

Firstly, before you start, you need to establish why you are looking to use an internal communication strategy template and what it is you want to achieve when communicating internally, is it to improve employee communication? 

Are you looking to increase the top-down communication between your leaders and the rest of the organisation? Or are you looking to create a buzz around your brand, internally?

Making sure you and your team know the end goal of your internal communications is very important. Just like you would if you were marketing externally.

Some reasons why you may want to improve your internal communications by using ann internal comms plan template or an employee communication strategy template

  • Leadership connectivity
  • Inter-team connectivity
  • Work culture and morale
  • “Marketing internally”

2. Establish Target Audience

Creating personas for your internal communications is just the same process as when you create them for your external communications. Use this section to define your taget audience’s demographics including;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Goals
  • Challengers
  • Communication Preference
  • Common values

The second step is to ensure you have your target personas confirmed before going ahead with your internal communication, otherwise, you may risk annoying your audience before having the chance to woo them.

3. Identify SMART Goals/Objectives

Use your internal communication strategy template to create SMART objectives and goals for your internal communications. 

Specific – Make sure you are crystal clear about the specifics of your goal, make it significant and relevant.
Measurable – How will you measure your success? Identify your metrics and make them meaningful.
Achievable – Agree with your team on how you will attain your goal and ensure it is realistic and reachable.
Relevant – Step back from your strategy and ask yourself if it is still relevant or have you gone off on a tangent that only you or your team understand. Is it a reasonable goal? Does it still have relevancy?
Time – Identify the period you want to achieve your goal in? Also, identify any time barriers like time-limited, timely, is it time-sensitive?

Example of some internal communication goals

  • Increase engagement rates in our newsletter by 10% year on year.
  • Increase intranet adoption by 15% in the organisation in the first quarter.
  • Increase CTOR on CEO weekly emails by 15%.

4. Identify Communication Channel/Medium

Which applications, software and tools will you use to help you with your internal communications? Discuss and Identify these in your internal communications strategy template, be sure to test different tools to see what works.

Tools and software you can use to communicate internally:

  • Marketing automation
  • Video (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Intranet
  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Email/Newsletters

For example, if you are making a video, you might something like YouTube Studio or Vimeo to host it.

If you are communicating by email or newsletter, you can use a marketing automation platform like Swift Digital to design, build and send your emails, and measure engagement rates like opens and clicks. You can also use your newsletter to embed your videos. Double win!

5. Frequency

Establish how often you want to communicate with your organisation in your internal comms plan template.

Maybe you want to try communicating with different departments on different days depending on priorities. If you are using emails and newsletters to communicate, these can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly. 

Wednesdays are the most popular day to send internal communications via email but we are seeing an increase in sends on Friday morning and late morning. So use your employee communication strategy template to plan for experiments with A/B testing and test your sends to find what works for you.

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Internal Comms Strategy Template

When it comes to executing your internal communications campaign, an Internal Communications Strategy brief is a must-have.

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