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How To Keep Remote Workers Engaged

One Aussie company is tackling the hurdles of engaging work-from-home staff.

If you are one of Australia’s many businesses concerned about ‘the great resignation’, you’re not alone. Remote workers engaged is one of the most difficult challenges faced by modern employers. 

How your employees feel and work with you directly affects your company’s performance. Disengaged employees will stunt your company’s growth.

Why? Employees who are disengaged don’t produce quality work. 

You’ve probably heard of ‘quiet quitting,’ where an employee doesn’t leave their job but instead remains and produces the bare minimum.

Quiet quitters exemplify the disengaged employee.

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When you combine the quiet quitting trend with COVID-driven changes that have led to more employees working from home, traditional systems of inter-office communication, reward, and engagement fall apart quickly.

Did you know?

So how do you keep employees engaged and happy when about half of them aren’t even coming into the office anymore? The key is to implement an effective employee engagement strategy.

  • Ensure company values are clearly defined and understood 

  • Communicate your shared purpose 

  • Provide a safe work environment 

  • Reward employees’ performance

  • Nurture physical and mental wellbeing 

  • Clearly define individual roles 

  • Develop and nurture relationships 

  • Provide clear communication channels 

  • Foster team members’ leadership skills

  • Nurture their personal development

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Every item on the list above requires reliable, easy to use, internal communications tools for on-site and remote employees. Australian company Swift Digital has made keeping all employees informed and engaged easier.

How? Integrated, streamlined, user-friendly software that takes internal communications from ignored to enjoyed. 

You’re wrong if you think you’ve covered everything with traditional e-mail. 60.8% of poll respondents said they occasionally or often ignore emails on the job. So if you’ve ever thought people at work weren’t reading your emails, you were probably right. 

Implementing best practice internal communications means thinking outside the email box.

Communications formats can include marketing automation software and social media management tools, surveys, forums, and chats, and even a regular company newsletter.

Chats are quicker, easier, and friendlier than short, one-word emails.

Forums and surveys are the perfect way to ascertain what people really think. Company newsletters can reward and celebrate team successes, broadcast safety messages, keep people informed of the company strategies in play, and communicate your shared purpose.

Marketing automation software and social media management tools keep communications on-brand while removing a lot of technical grunt work for your staff.

You can see how you can quickly cut down on the usual, boring, (often ignored) email communications with this approach. 

If you need assistance, Swift Digital has the perfect, tried and tested internal communications strategy template to take the guesswork out of the equation.

It includes five key steps to assist you in developing strong internal communications, so you can meet your KPIs and increase engagement.

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Swift Digital can assist if you require more than just a strategy. We host Australia’s leading internal communications software platform. Our platform includes features such as a simple drag-and-drop email editor, forward functions, social media integration, comparable statistics, and more. 

Swift Digital has made it simple to personalise your communications, track employee engagement metrics, and trigger exciting email campaigns based on behaviours, dates, and website visits.

We offer a variety of scalable integration options that work for companies of all sizes.

Swift Digital is Australia’s leader in marketing automation software, working with organisations like the NSW Government, ATO, and companies like Westpac Bank and Qantas.

Find out why we’re the Australian government department’s number one choice for their professional communications and events.

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