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The future is online learning – gone are the days where walk-on colleges and universities hold the market share. The statistics are staggering, with the online education sector’s growth set at an outstanding rate of almost 3-1 higher than traditional learning. Add these statistics to the growth and effectiveness of market automation and you have a recipe for a successful marketing campaign, with ‘sky’s the limit’ capabilities.

The future is in online learning

If your marketing plan is aiming its sights directly at people interested in education, you’ll have the ability to greatly improve enrolment numbers, along with identifying ways to attract your ideal candidates in the future. This means implementing a marketing automation strategy that’s capable of delivering the right message to the right students at the right time and tracking the results. There can be a few differing ways to undertake a market automation plan, but if your would like to achieve the best possible result please contact the team at Swift Digital. In the meantime, we have included a few key ideas that we use throughout our programs to give you an idea of the best and most efficient practices.

Define your candidates using market automation

One of the most important factors is to ensure you customise your contact with prospective students and keep them engaged with their stated interest. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t send information about history courses to students that have shown interest in engineering; however, it’s a great idea to try and find their extracurricular interest too, as even undecided prospects have other things they love to do. Collecting this information with something like a custom form will help you gather all the necessary material, giving you the relevant knowledge to guide your clients towards the right area of study.

Get an edge over your competition

Another essential tip for making market automation in the education sector work well is to be tracking your prospects or enrollees engagement. If a prospective student who was previously opening and responding to your emails then goes cold, you’ll want to find out what happened. If you weren’t fully engaged and tracking that, it would be impossible to know what caused this lack of interaction without guessing. In fact, you may not even know that you have lost their attention in the first place! Tracking how potential/current enrollees engage with your site and emails gives you the necessary information required to tailor the material you funnel through to them.

If any prospect stops engaging or interacting with your material, you have an automated re-engagement campaign that regains their attention. The bonus is that even if you don’t manage to score an enrolment with all this, you’ll still have vital information about their movement and engagement with your material. This is extremely valuable information – even potentially more so than a single enrolment – as it will show you how, what and why they didn’t choose your product, giving you the foresight to change and adapt. There’s also the other side to this as well – with monitoring occurring, you’ll have the identities of highly interested students and can deliver the right content specifically for them in the future.

Marketing automation gives higher education institutions the ability to attract and enrol prospective students with more efficient and effective results. In such a highly competitive space, the only edge you’ll be able to control is the personalised material you can gather – this is where your company can outshine the competition. If you want an expert opinion, please drop us a line here at Swift Digital and one of our highly experienced and friendly team will help you grab your customer’s attention, today!

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