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Are you one of those people who prefers receiving SMS or MMS messages over a phone call? You’re not alone, SMS marketing statistics show that the majority of Australians prefer communicating via text or instant messaging platforms, so it makes sense that these trends should influence modern marketing strategies.

Today’s audiences expect their organisations and government departments favourite brands to keep up, and that means reaching them where they’re most active – on their phones.

Using a digital marketing platform alongside marketing automation is the has become the new norm for marketers and businesses wanting to stay connected to their existing customers while also reaching out to new ones.

That’s what makes SMS and MMS such exciting, powerful, and reliable tools for marketers.

Let’s take a look into SMS and MMS marketing benefits, and how you can use SMS and MMS in your marketing strategy to bolster your efforts and get some great results.

What is MMS Messaging?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messaging is a dynamic way of taking basic text messages to a whole other level. It’s the multimedia aspect that allows marketers to add a layer of creativity by including images, videos, or audio files in their messaging.

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MMS Marketing Benefits

  • MMS messages are more visually eye-catching and engaging
  • Multimedia can tell a more compelling story, or showcase your products or services in action
  • The rich media content in MMS messages leads to higher engagement rates
  • Consistent use of multimedia builds brands and can reinforce a brand’s identity
  • MMS messages enable you to better communicate or convey more complex information clearly and effectively
  • MMS messages are more likely to be shared, expanding your reach
  • MMS messages are incredibly versatile, and can be used for everything from promotional offers and event invitations, to customer support and feedback requests
  • MMS messages tend to have higher open rates compared to traditional SMS messaging

MMS Marketing Examples

MMS messages can really make your marketing pop! Just imagine sending your customers a sneak peek video of your upcoming product launch, complete with behind-the-scenes footage and exciting teasers.

Or, you use bold graphics and compelling visuals to design an  enticing limited-time offer. These are just a couple of examples of how MMS can turn ordinary marketing messages into extraordinary.

What is SMS Messaging

With SMS (Short Message Service) marketing, you can send personalised or simple text messages such as urgent updates, special offers, or appointment reminders, directly to your customers’ mobile phones.  

SMS Marketing Benefits

  • SMS messages are typically opened within minutes, ensuring your message gets seen quickly
  • SMS messaging is perfect for immediate updates and time-sensitive offers, delivering your message almost instantly
  • Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, making SMS a highly effective way to reach a broader audience
  • SMS feels personal and direct, helping to build a closer connection with your customers
  • SMS is a budget-friendly marketing tool, offering a great return on investment with minimal cost
  • Short and concise SMS messages often lead to higher engagement rates, as they are easy to read and respond to.
  • SMS can be used for various marketing purposes and can be easily integrated with other marketing channels and automation tools
  • With SMS, you can track delivery rates, open rates, and responses, providing valuable insights into your campaign’s performance

SMS Marketing Examples

SMS messages are incredibly versatile! For instance, you could send out exclusive discount codes or limited-time offers to loyal customers or keep them up to date with real time updates during times of emergencies. You might also use SMS to remind customers of upcoming appointments or events, or announce new products or flash sales.

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MMS vs SMS: The Differences

Cost Considerations

– SMS is generally more cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for sending quick updates and promotions.
– MMS tends to have higher costs because MMS messages use additional data.

Depending on the type of campaign or style of messages you’re looking to send to consumers, you could still get more bang for your buck by allocating a portion of your marketing budget to MMS messages as part of your overarching marketing strategy.

Delivery Rates

– SMS generally has the upper hand due to its simplicity and lower data requirements. SMS messages are quick, straightforward, and reliably reach recipients almost instantly, resulting in higher and more consistent delivery rates.
– MMS can sometimes face delivery challenges due to larger file sizes and network constraints.

Both SMS and MMS are still highly effective marketing tools in their own right.
If a message will have more impact as an MMS, then get creative and use them to your advantage.

Network Support

– SMS is compatible across all mobile networks, ensuring your messages reach any mobile device without a hitch.
MMS messages may encounter some variability in support depending on the network and device capabilities.

While most modern smartphones handle MMS without any issues, keep in mind that some older or less advanced mobile phones might not have the capability to receive them.

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Whether you’re sending quick, text-based updates with SMS, or want to make your marketing campaigns more impactful and engaging with MMS in your marketing, both channels can help you to reach your audience quickly and effectively; ensuring your messages reach your intended audience, and they’re hard to miss and easy to action.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Try Swift Digital’s SMS marketing software! Since nearly everyone has a mobile phone and text messages boast high open rates, SMS is an incredibly effective way to reach your audience and stay in touch with your stakeholders, and our platform makes it easy to manage and optimise your messaging campaigns.

See what all the fuss is about with our SMS marketing guide.

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