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Email marketing is – for most – a part of our everyday lives. It is important to make sure your brand is at the forefront of people’s minds and that your audience is engaged.
However, when this isn’t the case, chances ae we are making some email marketing mistakes. As a result we are left wondering why people aren’t opening or engaging with our emails. Time to find out why.

1. Are you sending your emails without testing?

Testing your emails before you send them should be part of your email checklist, if it isn’t then this is the first email marketing mistake you are making. If you aren’t testing before you send, there is a possibility that you are sending broken emails to your database.

The Swift Digital suite allows you to test your emails (this won’t deduct any credits from your account) before you send. You can also preview your email campaigns in mobile format.

2. Do you segment your data?

If not, why not? Segmentation is the key. Firstly, create personas for your users and customers in order to identify their interests. Another way to capture this data is by using  a subscription preference centre.

Next, use these specific mailgroups to target your database with content that they want to see! You can also target these people with content at different stages of the customer funnel.

3. Have you tried sending emails that include personalisation?

This one is an easy email marketing mistake that most people make, luckily it is an easy one to fix. As long as you have up to date data, you are well on your way. The SD suite enables you to insert personalised fields into your email content. These populate with the personal data of each unique recipient.

For example; you may capture a field for people’s ‘preferred names’. You can then add this in as your greeting at the top of the email. It all adds up to an overall more unique and personal experience.

4. Misleading subject lines...

The subject line is the first thing your recipient will see when your email lands in their inbox. It needs to be eye-catching, but it also needs to be relevant. In order to retain your subscribers’ trust, your subject line needs to be descriptive of the content in your email. Read more about what subject lines don’t fool readers.

5. Is your from address set to 'no reply?'

Email marketing in 2019 focuses on creating a personal experience. Sending an email from a ‘’ makes people feel that they are interacting with a mailbox and not a real person.
Update your from address to something more personal, like your name, or if you don’t want to use your name use or This will ensure people feel there is somebody at the other end should they need to reach out.

If you need any help using the Swift Digital features, please reach out to our support team at

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