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An event needs to be managed well if it wants to achieve its goals.

Event management involves a whole heap of tasks and event management responsibilities; from the mundane and simple to the stressful and complex.

Any event wanting to deliver maximum results needs a good Event Manager.

But what is the role of event manager anyway and what event management responsibilities do they have?

What Are The Duties of Event Manager?

It’s in the name: event managers, well… manage events.

Let’s explore the role of event manager, and investigate – step by step – event management responsibilities and tasks that are required and need doing when it comes to organising and managing any event.

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Brief List of The Overall Duties of an Event Manager

  • Pre-event organisation
  • Planning an event that meets the stated objectives
  • Working out event budget, and logistics (venue, catering, etc)
  • Managing an effective event marketing campaign
  • Managing registrants
  • On-the-day management
  • Ensuring that on the day logistics are running smoothly (catering, venue, equipment)
  • Managing event staff to help mark attendance, run speeches, provide attendee support, collect sign ups etc.
  • Sending SMS communications to attendees when needed (last minute venue changes, parking notices etc)
  • Post-event communication, reporting & analysis
  • Managing post-event marketing/communications (‘thank you for coming’ email, feedback surveys, etc)
  • Reviewing reports
  • Analysing feedback and report data to measure whether event goal was achieved

What Are The Most Important Event Management Responsibilities of An Event Manager?

The above list may sound like a lot of work for one role (the role of Event Manager). However, an Event Manager will have the event management responsibilities to be able to delegate tasks to other teammates.

Responsibilities of an Event Manager

  • Ensuring that all aspects of event planning have strategic value in reaching the event’s goal.

  • Making sure an event is on track to reach its objectives by monitoring results as they come in.

  • Measuring whether an event was successful by reviewing results post-event.

Download Now -> Free Event Planning Checklist

How Does An Event Manager Organise An Event?

  • Define a clear event goal

  • Know your event’s audience

  • Figure out your event budget (and find event sponsors if needed)

  • Set a date, and book an event venue

  • Design an event brand

  • Develop an event marketing strategy

  • Pre-schedule your event communications ahead of time

  • Gather registrations (a branded online registration form makes this a breeze)

  • Measure success: analyse event report data

Event Management Handbook

  1. Event tips: How to plan an event successfully
  2. The legal elements of event management
  3. Event marketing and automation

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What Does An Event Manager Job Description Look Like?

Event Managers can also be known as event coordinators, event planners and event executives, although the Event Manager job description can sometimes include overseeing all of the above event roles.

An Event Manager job description will usually include a description of the role outlining the responsibilities and requirements of the role.

Some of the most common responsibilities of an event manager job description include:

  • Planning an event from start to finish

  • Generating ideas for the event

  • Managing event budgets

  • Sponsorship negotiations

  • Managing logistics and event venues

  • Managing audio and virtual event companies

  • Putting together event marketing plans

  • Post-event communication, reporting & analysis

  • Analysing feedback and report data to measure whether the event goal was achieved

An Event Manager job description will also include a range of event skills that are required to fulfil the role. Some of the most common skills found in an event manager job description include:

  • Communication – Strong people skills can be key to making sure event management is executed efficiently and an event is planned and run as smoothly as possible.
  • Organisational Skills – A professional Event Manager will be able to prioritise their tasks to ensure maximum productivity from their time. Time is precious and should not be ignored when working in the event industry.
  • Budgeting – An Event Planner will frequently be tasked with managing an event budget and ensuring costs are kept within scope. There are a number of really good tools out there that can help you with this including mybudget and calxa.
  • Creativity/Eye for Detail – The devil is in the detail so they say. Do you have a keen eye for minor things? Then you may well possess the right event management skills to become a successful Event Manager. 
  • Motivational Skills – A successful Event Manager can motivate their team, pick the team up after a long day and remain a positive influence.
  • Project Management Skills – This is sometimes the desired skill depending on the role of Event Manager but is a plus either way. Learn project management by undertaking short courses online.

Harness The Power of an Event Management Platform

What tools make the role of Event Manager that much easier to fulfil? Automated marketing and event management tools can help event managers plan successful events with ease and precision.

Harness the true power of event software. Our event software is packed to the rafters with features that will make your event planning and management much easier.

The Swift Digital online event management software provides numerous automation features to assist in running your events.

Planning a Virtual Event?

The benefits of running corporate events, whether you hold physical or virtual events are endless. 52% of respondents asked about the importance of events in their marketing strategy said that events drove more results than other marketing channels.

You can continue to reap the ROI of holding events without breaking social restrictions. Consider managing your corporate events virtually. Use our Virtual Event Planning Guide to help you and also Download our handy virtual event planning checklist.

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Role of Event Manager FAQ

What are the roles and responsibilities of an event manager?

The roles and responsibilities of an event manager are to manage the events, manage the event budget, create event plan, manage event team, send event communications using event management software.

What are the most important responsibilities of an event manager?

The most important responsibilities of an event manager are managing a successful event from start to finish, managing the events team, pulling together the event budget and event campaign and overseeing event templates in the event management software.

What are the five job responsibilities of an event manager?

1. Manage Event Budget
2. Design Event Marketing Strategy
3. Champion Event Management Software
4. Manage Events Team
5. Analyse Event Success

What are the functions of events management?

The functions are the running and organising of events, managing sponsorship and budgets, organising the events team and the responsibility for the events management software.

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