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What is an Stakeholder Communication Plan Template?

A Stakeholder Communication Plan Template helps you to identify the important specifics and expectations of each stakeholder and the communication points that will take place during project processes and milestones. A stakeholder communication plan template will assist in making sure everybody involved in your project is updated in ways that suit all parties.

Download Your Free Stakeholder Communications Plan Example

A Stakeholder Communication Plan sometimes referred to as a matrix is a must-have for all project coordinators to help ensure all stakeholder requirements have been addressed and are fulfilled.

A stakeholder communications plan can assist in outlining expectations for the communication points that will take place during project processes and milestones.

To save you time, we have put together a stakeholder communications plan example for you to download and use.

The stakeholder communication plan example includes nine key headers in a table format.

The table format is useful for clearly listing stakeholders and their preferences and can be easily viewed at a glance.

-> Download Now -> Free Stakeholder Comms Plan Template

Stakeholder Comms Plan Template

  1. Improve communication on projects
  2. Reduce resources
  3. Make decision-making easier!
stakeholder communications plan template download
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Click the image below to download the stakeholder communications plan example.

How to use your Stakeholder Communications Plan Example in 3 Easy Steps

1. Why You Need a Stakeholder Communications Plan Template

Before you go ahead and start filling in your stakeholder communications plan example, it is important that you also understand the ‘why’ of creating a plan.

Making sure your communication lines are strong, clear, consistent and informed is key to the trust that your stakeholders place in you. Other benefits of having a stakeholder communications plan include:

  • You can answer stakeholder questions before they arise and be prepared for them.
  • You can build on the plan when requirements from your stakeholder arise and be ready.
  • Build better relationships with your stakeholders.

2. The Stakeholder Plan Headers

The stakeholder communications plan example has nine headers these include:

  • Stakeholder/Person
  • Title/Role
  • Communication Type
  • Channel
  • Frequency of communication
  • Stakeholder Goal
  • Stakeholder Ratings (Project Interest)
  • Contact Details
  • Notes

Having the headers filled in for each stakeholder will ensure you fulfil and manage each of the stakeholder communication requirements on an individual basis.

Identifying information for each of these headers for each stakeholder will help you accurately communicate your project goals and will work towards keeping all necessary stakeholders in the loop. At the very least, you should fill in the following headers; Communication Type, The Channel, Frequency and the Stakeholder Goal.

-> Download Now -> Free Stakeholder Comms Plan Template

3. How To Fill in the Table

Download your stakeholder communications plan example and start to fill in the table boxes. You can either do this directly into the PDF, on paper or we have also supplied the stakeholder communications template as an Excel/Google Sheets document.

See below for examples of the kind of information you would fill out under each header on the stakeholder communications template plan.

  • Stakeholder/Person – Identify the stakeholder of the project and add their name.
  • Title/Role – Include the title and role of the stakeholder in the organisation so you are clear on who the stakeholder is and to help establish their interest.
  • Communication Type – This will be the communication your stakeholder chooses to receive regarding the project. i.e. Email, weekly meeting, minutes.
  • Channel – This will be the way in which your stakeholder chooses to be communicated with. i.e. Phone call, letter, email, presentation.
  • Frequency of communication – Note the frequency of how often you should update each stakeholder, this could be hourly, daily, weekly etc.
  • Stakeholder Goal – What does the stakeholder want to achieve from the project? Keep this in mind when communicating with your stakeholder and note this in your plan.
  • Stakeholder Ratings (Project Interest) – Use a rating system to quickly establish the priority stakeholders and who has the most invested interest.
  • Contact Details – Add these so they are in a central place for emergencies.
  • Notes – Any additional comments from project lead or stakeholder.

-> Download Now -> Free Stakeholder Comms Plan Template

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