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Marketing automation isn’t just about making your marketing processes that much more effective, and easier to launch – but it’s also about streamlining your business all round.

How, you might ask? Whilst Marketing Automation platforms are built to specifically automate marketing campaigns, they can also be used to automate plenty of other business workflows – especially when integrated with other applications, such as Sales CRMs.

By using a multi-channel Marketing Automation software, you’ll be able to streamline the following business tasks (or put them on autopilot altogether)!

  • Lead qualification
  • Internal emails (triggered updates, staff training materials, staff newsletters)
  • Staff satisfaction surveys
  • SMS reminders, both internal and external
  • Building new websites/landing pages
  • Data, and file storage
  • Calendar bookings (for boardroom meetings, or HR appointments)
  • Data syncing with Sales CRM for streamlined marketing to sales conversions
  • Events management for organising internally (and managing externally)

Using Marketing Automation software – especially those with multiple capabilities and sufficient integration options – means you’ll not only save time and resources on marketing campaigns, but also on a wide array of other business tasks. Streamlining your business using Marketing Automation also helps to keep all your collateral, and data in the one place; helping you form bigger pictures across your entire business strategy any time you choose to review and analyse reports. With integration that facilitates data syncing across applications, you can reap the benefits of high volumes of useful data across teams; improving both internal workflows, and the customer experience on the other side.

Want to streamline your business with Marketing Automation? Let’s explore 4 ways in which you can use Marketing Automation tools to do so.

Automate internal staff emails

Sending and reading emails seems to take up the majority of your day when you’re working in an office environment. But plenty of those emails that take time to ready and send are recurring; meaning they could be fully automated – freeing up precious work hours.

For example, you might want to onboard new staff onto a training email workflow. You could have multiple emails in a sequence, and each email contains its own important training information. When a staff member opens the first email, they’ll receive the second, and after they’ve read the second, they’ll receive the third – and so on, and so forth. This essentially automates the often arduous process of training up a new staff member. Where traditionally you’d have to get your hands on all the necessary documentation, and physically train a new staff member, your automated email sequence would do all that work for you. It streamlines training, making it a fast and easy experience for both yourself and your new teammates.

Other internal staff emails that can be automated are public holiday and vacation reminders, staff e-newsletters, and invites to recurring staff events.

Integrate Sales CRM with your Marketing Automation platform

The gulf between your sales and marketing team can at times seem insurmountable; and that’s troubling, because the data collected by marketing efforts is invaluable for making sales – and technically, vice versa. The more sharing of data across these two important teams; the better. Leads’ and customers’ journeys don’t end with marketing and pick up again with sales, by ensuring data integration across both disciplines, your leads and customers will have streamlined experiences, whilst your sales and marketing will benefit from streamlined processes.

This beauty of using digital applications is that they can be integrated. In this case, we recommend integrating your Sales CRM with your Marketing Automation platform.

At Swift Digital, our Marketing Automation software offers out-of-the-box integration with the ever popular Salesforce. Once connected, these applications will sync their lead data in realtime, meaning that your sales teams can see exactly where along the nurturing journey a lead is; what emails they’ve interacted with, which events they’ve attended, and how they’ve engaged with content. This sort of insight is invaluable, and sharing this level of detail between the sales and marketing teams manually can take too much precious time.

Using a Marketing Automation platform means you can reap the benefits of CRM integration, ensuring that your sales and marketing team improve their overall strategies without having to do any extra work.

Automate staff satisfaction surveys

Checking in with your staff is an important, but sometimes arduous recurring task. Your HR team may have previously conducted anonymous feedback surveys via paper, which uses unnecessary resources and requires plenty of faffing about when it comes to data crunching.

Marketing Automation software with survey capabilities (such as ours at Swift Digital) makes carrying out staff satisfaction surveys not only a breeze; but completely effortless after upfront preparation.

If you carry out staff surveys on a recurring schedule, for example, you can set up your survey and email invite to fill out the survey in advance, and schedule it for publish ahead of time. You could essentially prep your surveys once and not have to think about it for months, if not the whole year.

Another major benefit for carrying out your surveys digitally is the reporting analysis. Digital survey reports (that are high quality) give you plenty of options for how you want to analyse and compare data, and overall reports make it easy to identify trends or key areas for improvement. Staff feedback is of course meant to lead to improvements at work; but if crunching the numbers an understanding the data gets lost in translation due to manual work, then much of your staff could be left feeling unheard. That’s not a problem when it comes to automating and digitising your staff surveys.

All in all, this streamlines an important but somewhat monotonous part of running a business, saving you time and resources, and improving the experience of your staff members.

Don’t bother IT with landing page needs, do it yourself!

A well tooled Marketing Automation platform may also help you streamline website creation, and other commonly IT-resourced tasks.

Swift Digital’s platform, for example, has a visual drag and drop editor which enables just about anyone with hand eye coordination to build a beautiful, mobile responsive, fully functioning landing page – and all without having to ask your IT guy to take time out of their precious day.

Having a Marketing Automation platform therefore makes the creation of web pages accessible to your marketing team, giving them more permission for creativity, and better options for reach.

Without Marketing Automation, creating web pages which seamlessly integrate with your other automated marketing processes (all the while collecting data safely in easy to analyse reports), is a very long, time consuming process. It involves communication and meetings between teams, back and forth with feedback rounds, and eventually testing and deployment. By giving your marketing team direct access to create their own landing pages whenever they need them, your IT team can breathe easy and focus on the more important tasks.

Marketing Automation isn’t just about streamlining your target audience’s experience with your marketing communications; it also unlocks the automation capabilities that spell the end of human error filled, resource intensive workflows. Marketing Automation will not only put your marketing efforts on auto pilot, but many of your business’ processes as well.

Who doesn’t want to save time and money? Streamline your business with Marketing Automation tools.

Interested in learning more about what Marketing Automation can do for you and your business? Talk to our friendly experts at Swift Digital, and call us on 02 9929 7001.

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