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A subscription preference centre is a useful webform that many organisations use as part of their subscription process, or on their landing pages as part of their overall customer journey. But, why are they becoming so popular?

What is a subscription preference centre?

A subscription preference centre is a tool that helps you start and maintain a healthy relationship with your subscribers. It is an easy way for your subscribers to manage their emails and decide what type of communications they would like to receive from you.

It is here that they can also decide how often and at what frequency they hear from you. A preference centre has positive impacts on both your deliverability and customer relationship.

3 benefits of having a subscription preference centre

1. Lessens your unsubscribes

Show of hands who has ever felt a little hurt from an unsubscribe. Yes, we all have. When you have spent weeks on a great new campaign, it’s hard not to take them personally. A preference centre lets your users manage their own preferences, limiting the chance of them clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘report as spam’ button.

2. Showcases your email offerings

Your preference centre gives the user a variety of options as to what communications they want to receive. This is your chance to showcase your wide menu of content and communications.

3. Segmentation to the max!

Having a sophisticated preference centre not only lets your users pick what communications they want but it is the ultimate segmenting tool. You can now send out different communications and campaign messages to a more engaged audience. At least you will know this audience have chosen to receive information on this topic. Win win!

Subscription Preference Centre Examples

So, burning question. Does your organisation need a subscription preference centre?

If you would like to start to understand your customers’ interest and needs in more depth, as well as try to curb some of your unsubscribes, then a subscription preference centre is for you. 2019 is fast becoming the year of sophisticated personalisation in your campaigns, so don’t waste any time in getting yours set up today.

How do I get one?

If you would like to have a subscription preference centre for your organisation or would like to get started with building your emails or running your events, then contact our sales team on 1300 878 289 and In the meantime, check out our Event Management Handbook which provides tips and tricks on how to run a successful event.
Subscription preference centres. The gateway to sophisticated segmentation.

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