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If there’s one hard and fast rule of successful marketing, it’s simply to understand and cater to your customers better than all your competitors!

That’s really all it boils down to – if you’re able to do that, you’ll always succeed.

Where do you start though? Well, using marketing automation strategies combined with a good CRM system to segment your customers as thoroughly as possible is currently the best way of doing this.

This way, you’re able to record data from your customers, provide insights you can act on and enable targeted marketing strategies designed to boost ROI. Below, you’ll find five methods of targeting your customer segmentation in the best way possible:

Track Customer Behaviour using Engagement Scoring

By tracking your customers’ behaviour and using engagement scoring, you are automatically measuring the probability of conversion.

By knowing how customers respond to the communication you send them, you can determine their interest in specific topics.

As an example, a customer may click through to your site after seeing a product and they may browse that product’s category.

You may assume by this that the customer is interested in that category or a product very similar to the one they clicked through on.

You can then market these things to the customer and send them things like sales or discounts for similar items.

This will obviously increase the chances of this customer buying your product or service! Using engagement scoring to segment based on behaviour creates amazing customer experiences – it couldn’t be simpler!

Segment by Product and Cross Sell

This method is very similar to the above. If you offer multiple product lines, you should definitely be segmenting your customers based on their interest in these product categories (i.e., baby goods, electronics, health foods etc).

Using engagement scoring to track customers past sales and interest in products or categories, you can create lists to cross-sell relevant products and market new lines or targeted sales.

Segment Based On Sales Funnel stage

With Swift Digital’s marketing automation system, you can segment your customers based on a number of things, such as what stage of the sales funnel they’re at.

This allows you to target them with very specific marketing communications based on what level they’re at, such as emailing a discount for subscribing straight after a free trial has been completed by your potential customer.

Doing this will expedite your customers’ sales funnel journey and increase the chance of sales.

Act on Customer Disengagement

When you see signs of customers disengaging, you can act fast to try to encourage them to reengage with your brand.

You could do this by changing the tack of your emails, by offering a special offer or discount or by some other means.

How can you tell if customers are disengaging though? With Swift Digital’s platform, you are able to see email opens and clicks, landing page activities and other contact.

If this isn’t enough, you can also create customer satisfaction surveys to help identify those customers who may not be happy.

You can then segment customers based on their engagement or customer satisfaction scores and create an intensive win back campaign for those that are dwindling.

Nurture Valuable Customers

Many companies concentrate primarily on nurturing potential or new leads, but this is a huge mistake.

Your existing customers are much more valuable, not only for subsequent purchases, but also because these are the customers who will leave reviews and pass on their experience via word of mouth marketing.

Our platform allows you to categorise customers based on their engagement score over their interaction lifetime, which means you can categorise VIP customers and deliver special VIP offers to them, as well as ensure they are well taken care of across all touch points.

Of course, all customers should be valued and nurtured, but VIP customers are definitely your best asset.

As you can see, with a comprehensive marketing automation platform like ours, you’re able to create fantastic customer experiences for a range of customer categories.

Without this, you’re driving blind and not delivering the right content to the right customers at the right time!

Harness the Power of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool when used to its full advantage. We hope that you now understand how you can use its marketing automation’s powerful potential to level up your marketing in your business.  For more information on using marketing automation, check out our complete guide to marketing automation best practices.

Is your business looking to leverage marketing automation as part of the wider marketing strategy? Or are you simply looking to change your marketing automation platform?  

Swift Digital can share more resources and best practices relating to your industry and how they successfully use marketing automation.

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