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Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching new audiences, engaging contacts, and converting leads – but when partnered up with a landing page, your email campaigns can benefit from even more of a boost.

Landing pages enable you to extend the content of your email campaigns, and better improve the effectiveness of your Calls to Action. Whilst emails have plenty of limitations, landing pages do not – so when the two are linked up and work in tandem, you have a powerful marketing strategy.

What is a landing page?

We’ve talked about landing pages, what they are, and what they’re for, extensively here.

In a nutshell, landing pages are web pages that are specifically designed for traffic to ‘land on’ when directed from a targeted campaign. In the case of email marketing, that means driving traffic from your email to a landing page that expands on the email’s message.

Landing pages usually contain all the content needed to drive conversions. For example, if your email campaign was an e-invite to an event, your landing page would house important event details, and have a registration form embedded for easy access.

Remember that emails have limitations whilst landing pages do not – that’s because landing pages are websites, so that gives you more content options.

Why use a landing page as part of your email campaign?

Don’t compromise on the short & sweet-ness of your email campaign by putting detailed information on your landing page instead. Improve conversion rates with a landing page that’s dedicated to conversions (access to embedded forms, and videos will also help to improve conversion rates).

Cross-channel your marketing efforts beyond just email, by linking to your landing page across social media – and anywhere else you like.
Improve the chances of your contacts sharing your campaign by having a landing page which is easy to link to and share on social platforms.

How to create a landing page

A landing page is a web page with its own dedicated URL. You can create a landing page on your own domain – giving you access to the same web editing tools you use for creating and editing your main website. For some businesses this means getting your web dev team to create a landing page for you.

If you use Email Marketing software there may be in-built features to enable you to visually create landing pages with ease, and without web development skills.

For example, Swift Digital has a Composer tool which not only allows you to visually build emails with drag and drop functionality, but also web pages to use as landing pages.

Once you’ve published your landing page, all you need is its URL address, and you can link to it from your email campaign, and anywhere else you can think of.

Best practice tips for landing pages

Your landing page should have a single, strong Call to Action.

Your landing page’s purpose should be obvious upon visitation. There should be a single Call to Action, and it should be very easy to identify. For example, the Call to Action may be to register for an event – your landing page should therefore have clear Register buttons, and even an embedded registration form. You shouldn’t have to scroll down to see the Call to Action, it should be right up top.

Make conversion ridiculously easy.

As previously mentioned, if you were working with a registration CTA, make registration super easy. Embed a registration form straight on your landing page, and ask only for 2-3 fields’ worth of information. This makes conversion too easy to pass up.

Your landing page is a great place for more detailed content, but don’t make your visitors scroll too much.
If you skipped out on further details and information on your email campaign, the landing page is a great place to provide extra content – however, don’t go overboard. You don’t want your visitors to have to scroll for ages to get across all your copy. That’s a surefire way of losing their interest before they convert.

Some landing pages which do have to share lots of copy break things up by adding a navigation menu to their landing page that allows visitors to click on separate tabs or pages to find out more should they want to keep reading.

Another way of providing extra content without making your visitors read too much is by embedding video. Video is an incredibly powerful form of content on the web, and something you can reap the benefits of on your landing page – as videos can’t be embedded within email campaigns. Take advantage of the high-engagement-rates of video content by embedding video content directly on your landing page.

Make sure the design of both your email campaign and landing page are seamlessly consistent.

When your email recipients click through to the landing page, you don’t want to make them think they’ve gone off to an unrelated page. To make sure that moving from your email campaign to your landing page is a seamless, branded experience – make sure that both your email campaign and landing page use the same design elements.

Improve your Email Marketing strategy by including Landing Pages

Email marketing gives your brand targeted, high value access to your audiences, whilst landing pages helps to improve on that engagement, and the conversion rates which are so often the main goal of email campaigns in the first place.

If you want to see better CTA click through rates, and ensure that your marketing efforts are more easily accessible and shareable, pair up your email campaigns with landing pages, and drive your email traffic exactly where you want it to go.

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