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Engagement Scoring

for Banks & Financial Organisations

Australian banks & financial organisations of all sizes have selected Swift Digital as their engagement platform.

How engaged are your customers with your organisation?

Swift Digital is your all-in-one engagement scoring platform.

An engagement score is a measure of just how well your users are connected to your brand. Each user has a unique score based on their interactions with your pages and communications.

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Follow engagement levels across multiple marketing channels


Allocate scores to pinpoint overall engagement levels


Better target customers with campaigns based upon engagement scores


Divide your market according to level of engagement


Quickly understand your most effective marketing channels


Gather key data without adding to your workload

The aim of marketing is to know the customer so well, the product or service fits them and sells itself.

Peter Drucker

Why Swift Digital?

Our automated marketing platform is not only one of the most established in Australia (starting life in 2001); it is also one of the most respected.

That’s partly because we meet strict data privacy and anti-spam laws. Our servers are located within Australia, meaning your data never leaves the local jurisdiction.

For privacy-conscious organisations like banks and financial organisations, government departments, legal firms, educational institutions and so on, this makes Swift Digital a logical choice.

In fact, we look after some of Australia’s largest organisations – not just for engagement scoring; but for a range of automated marketing services including email marketing, event registration, landing pages, SMS/mobile marketing, and more.

We help organisations reach out to their target audience while saving time and resources and remaining fully compliant.

Your data is safer with us!

With data servers located in Australia, your data always remains under Australian jurisdiction. This gives our clients peace of mind – as does the fact that we’re fully compliant with all anti-spam and privacy laws.

We have numerous departments managing their contact lists and email campaigns in Swift Digital’s system, and the system has exceeded our expectations in what we’re able to accomplish. Swift has built in many functions to help save time and keep communications on brand. It works better than any bespoke system we’ve ever used.

The University of Melbourne
AMP survey
UniBank Survey

Who's it for?

Being able to segment your target audience is one of the keys to relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

So, knowing which customers are most engaged with your existing marketing campaigns can be a big advantage in designing future ones.

Engagement scoring helps you see instantly those who are most connected – enabling you to send event invites, offers, downloads, or seek feedback knowing that they will likely read it and respond.

For those who are least connected with your marketing, setting up a ‘reactivation’ campaign for that segment of your database can reignite interest in what you offer.

As a bank or financial organisation, it helps if you have access to strategies that get you closer to customers and potential customers; personalising email campaigns, events, landing pages, surveys, and so on is key.

Engagement scoring helps you do that easily and effectively…

More targeted communications:

  • Track individual engagement across all major marketing channels

  • Decide which activities to track & set unique engagement ‘values’

  • Assign different values to activities like click, register, download, buy

  • Segment your database by engagement level with simple slider tools

  • Target new ‘market segments’ in campaigns based on the engagement score

  • Identify your most-engaged & least-engaged customers

  • Estimate ROI and campaign effectiveness using engagement scoring

  • Export segment data to Excel or mailing lists

  • Integrate with Salesforce for a more complete view of customers


Measure other stakeholder engagement – not just customers

Banks and financial organisations understandably use engagement scoring mainly for tracking customers.

However, it’s use is not limited to customers. Engagement scoring can also be used to measure the effectiveness of change management campaigns with employees; or to track campaigns aimed at other stakeholders like investors.

You set the rules about what to track and assign the scores; from there you automatically receive the data you need to improve outcomes.

This helps you achieve maximum impact with minimal demand on your precious time.

Score Triggers

Automatically update the score of contacts based on their behaviour

When a contact attends an event

Increase their engagement score by 500pts

Targeted Email

Send targeted emails to contacts based on their scores.

When contact reaches 1000pt score

Add them to ‘highly engaged’ mail list

Build User Journeys

Build user journeys with unlimited paths, actions, and milestones

  • Build unlimited paths with various triggers to send email and SMS campaigns.
  • Set triggers to occur at any variable, from immediately to hundreds of days later.
  • Assign data conditions to triggers that must be met for campaigns to be sent.
  • Run, pause, edit, and clone campaign journeys at any time.

Need more than engagement scoring?

Engagement scoring is a powerful tool for providing a more complete understanding of the behaviour of the individuals you track – customers, employees, etc.

On the Swift Digital platform, it’s best used in combination with the automated marketing services we provide: email marketing, event management, online surveys, landing pages, mobile and SMS, and so on.

These tools integrate with Salesforce or other CRM software. Multiple marketing campaigns can then easily be set up and tracked from one place.

Learn more: Online Surveys

Email Marketing

Effortlessly create stunning emails, newsletters, and campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder.


Create simple or complex surveys using over a dozen question types and branching logic.

Landing Pages

Build web pages like you build emails. Create forms to capture leads and contacts.

Mobile and SMS

Send personalised messages to your contacts and monitor responses.


Create user journeys and assign actions to occur based on milestones, dates, and behaviours.

Event management

From invite to check-in, you’ll have a beautifully branded and seamless event registration process.

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