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Event management software for Salesforce

Manage events and sync engagement data simultaneously with our Salesforce event management apps.
Integrate Salesforce with Australia’s leading marketing automation platform.

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Seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM with Australia's leading marketing automation platform.

Swift Digital for Salesforce is a Salesforce App Exchange application (Salesforce event management app) that facilitates real-time synchronisation of data between the Swift Digital platform and Salesforce.

Seamlessly connect your Swift Digital account with your Salesforce account. Provide your sales team with the ability to focus on the right prospects and opportunities directly within Salesforce CRM. Enable your marketing team to leverage the rich features of the Swift Digital platform to generate meaningful data using our Salesforce event management apps.

All your contacts’ interactions are saved to their Salesforce contact profile. In one glance, view all communications that have been sent to a contact, how they interacted with those communications (opens, clicks), which events they were invited to, whether they attended or declined, and much more.

  • Instant out-of-the-box integration with your Salesforce account.
  • App Exchange native integration requires no additional plug-ins or software (Salesforce event management apps)
  • Customisable bi-directional data synchronisation allows you to determine the single source of truth.
  • Integrates email marketing, event management, survey, SMS and web data via a single integration.
What data is synchronised?
  • Subscription data
    Subscribe/unsubscribe date and source, bounces
  • Engagement
    Overall score of all activities
  • Email activities
    Sent, open, clicked, forwarded
  • Events activities
    Invited, registered, cancelled, wait-listed, attended
  • SMS
    Sent, responded
  • Surveys
    Received, responded
  • Web page visits
    Page visits/revisits and goals reached
  • Campaign status integration
    Associate a campaign with an event or email. Associate an activity to a ‘responded’ status for triggering Salesforce tasks.

There are countless benefits when you sync your Swift Digital and Salesforce accounts.

Check activities from Salesforce
In Salesforce, view the contact or lead’s interactions that occur in Swift Digital, such as email opens and event attendance.

View engagement score
View the contact or lead’s engagement score from within the CRM and trigger actions based on scores.

Add single or multiple members to Swift Digital mail groups from Salesforce
Add a single contact or lead to Swift Digital mail groups from the contact or lead’s page. Add Multiple leads or contacts from list view to mail groups.

Create new mail groups
Create new mail groups in Swift Digital from Salesforce

Reflect changes in both systems automatically
Update the contact or lead data (first name, email, etc.) in Salesforce and have these changes automatically reflected in Swift Digital, and vice versa.

Control of integration
Options are provided for the level of synchronicity desired. For example: Do not add new leads to Salesforce from Swift Digital.

Here's what you need to integrate your Swift Digital account with your Salesforce environment

You don’t need much to get started with integrating your Salesforce and Swift Digital accounts. Our application comes out of the box and ready to use, all you need are the right permission and account levels.

Here’s what you need to sync your Swift Digital account with your Salesforce account.

  • Swift Digital Marketing Automation Pro Licence
  • Salesforce Enterprise or Professional Edition Business Organisation
  • Administrator roles for both Swift Digital and Salesforce to perform installation and configuration

We've made it a breeze to connect your Swift Digital account with Salesforce.

Connecting your Swift + Salesforce accounts is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add Salesforce as an application in the Administration API section of your Swift Digital account
  2. Copy and paste the necessary keys from Swift to Salesforce
  3. Click Save

Once you’ve connected your Swift Digital account with your Salesforce environment, you can then customise how data is shared between the two, giving you full control over what’s synced, and how. Choose what data fields to sync, specify contact lists/mail groups to keep updated, and set your sync timing among other custom settings.

View integration tutorials:

Link Salesforce campaigns
with Swift events and emails

Sync your Salesforce campaigns with your Swift Digital events and emails using our Salesforce event management apps. Once your campaigns and events/emails have been synced, you will see your contact engagement directly within your Salesforce campaign.

Event status/engagement examples

  • Invited
  • Registered
  • Declined
  • Cancelled
  • Wait-listed
  • Attended
  • No show

Email status/engagement examples

  • Sent
  • Success
  • Bounced
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Unsubscribed

Swift + Salesforce is a game changer

"I’m already loving working in the Swift Digital environment, such a relief after battling with Marketo for eight months!"

Blue NRG

"The tool is really fabulous to use and makes our communication look professional and importantly, means we can track engagement."

The University of Sydney

Curious as to how it all works?

Swift + Salesforce = A powerful event automation process

Create your email documents, event registration forms, landing pages, and more using our simple drag-and-drop content editors.

Creating your event invites, forms and pages has never been so easy. With Swift Digital, the learning curve involves clicking, dragging, and dropping. Our visual campaign editor can easily bring your idea to life with easy to use tools, and a diverse range of widgets and features. You can also rest easy when it comes to privacy concerns, we make sure that any email you create doesn’t go out without being privacy compliant.

Upload your contact lists and publish email invitations.

Inviting your contacts to your event is a breeze with Swift + Salesforce integration. Create a mail group based off of a Salesforce list, or create a mail group based off of contact data. Make necessary updates to your contacts in either Salesforce, or Swift, and have those changes reflected across your integrated applications.

With Swift Digital’s publishing tool, hitting ‘send’ is a stress-free event. Easily target segmented groups, and suppress contacts which meet specific behaviour criteria.

Go through the publishing process step by step, with plenty of opportunities to customise your publication, and target the right contacts.

Engagement statistics are tracked with every interaction.

Don’t let your event data go to waste. Learn more about your contacts by tracking their engagement, and viewing drilled down profiles outlining their interactions with your brand.

Customise how engagement is scored across your contacts based off of what you consider to be high value actions. Use engagement scores to create segmented mail groups for further nurturing. Trigger the creation of Salesforce tasks based off of contacts’ scores.

Interactions across your Swift account’s communications will be recorded in your contacts’ Salesforce records – making contact engagement transparent across departments.

Engagement data is passed from Swift Digital to Salesforce

Learn what makes your invitees and attendees tick by analysing publication and event reports. Find out what strategies work, and which don’t, according to your brand’s specific event success indicators. Use filter and advanced search options to bring up reporting results which give your teams the insight they need to further inform future event strategy.

Knowledge is power, and hindsight is always 20/20. Swift Digital takes the pain out of making sense of reporting data.

Salesforce - Email and Event Statistics

Continue to engage your contacts with automated email and SMS triggers.

Increase contact engagement with your event marketing efforts by sending the right communication to the right person at the right time. From automated emails triggered by contact behaviour, to SMS messages sent to lists segmented by demographic, you can engage your audience with high value content that’s relevant and on time.

Campaign Builder

Everything you need in one powerful platform

Easily create and send email for any purpose.

Publish cutting-edge online surveys with ease.

Everything you need to run events online.

Send targeted SMS campaigns at a moment’s notice.

Build and publish landing pages on the fly.

Gain useful insights into your audience engagement levels.