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Intuitive Landing Page Builder & Designer

Landing Pages
Custom Branded Templates

Build pages that reflect your brand, or create new themes for special purposes.

Mobile Responsive

All pages are automatically mobile responsive, no extra effort required.

Features and Flexibility

You have full control of your page layout, and access to dozens of built-in features.

Pages Created
Page Visits
Forms Captured

Packed to the rafters with website landing page features

Flexible layout controls

Easily control layouts with our drag-and-drop editor, add rows and/or columns as needed.

Mobile responsive

All layouts and features are fully mobile responsive with no extra effort required.

YouTube videos

Add YouTube videos to your page by simply popping in the video URL.

Navigation bar

Create a navigation bar and link to other pages to create your own microsite.

Google maps

Add map blocks based on an address or event venue, then set your map zoom level.

Sharing features

Add social media sharing icons to allow your page to be shared on social media networks.

Interactive poll

Add an interactive poll to your page to capture visitor feedback or opinion.

Event calendar

Add a list of events to your page, even pull in events dynamically from the event area.

Event RSVP function

Add an event RSVP area allowing visitors to register or decline to attend an event.

Call-To-Action forms

Build forms to capture subscribers, leads, feedback or other visitor information.


Dynamically display past email or newsletter publications.

Set activation and expiry dates

Specify a date and time to activate your website landing page, likewise, set an expiry for the page.

Powerful marketing automation tools

Our automation features in our digital marketing platform work seamlessly with our Landing Page builder module. Build and customise your landing page designs, then employ marketing automation tactics based on user behaviour such as page visits, file downloads and/or CTA form submissions.

There are endless possibilities for the number of pages you build and the methods you can use to connect them together using our marketing automation Campaign Builder.

Learn more: Marketing Automation

The below automation utilised a website landing page as the journey entry point.

User submits a CTA form on a landing page.

An automated email is sent to the user with a file download link.

User downloads the PDF and completes their journey.

Build beautiful landing page designs

Use your creative license to build stunning landing page designs using our drag-and-drop landing page builder. You’ll have dozens of features at your disposal and countless layout options, along with Swift Digital integration options. Our landing page tool will provide you with custom themes and styles to give you design flexibility yet still keep your landing pages brand consistent.

Enhance your landing pages with advanced functions

Our landing page builder come with a number of pre-built features to help you build fantastic pages that are functional and provide a great user experience.

Add any of these features by simply dragging and dropping them into your page and arranging your page layout.

YouTube Videos

 Event Calendars

 Event RSVP’s

Publication Archives

Social Sharing

Interactive Polls

Google Maps

Call-to-action Forms

CTA Form

Capture data with a call-to-action form builder

Add forms to any landing page builder for any purpose. Subscription forms, lead generation forms, interest forms, acceptance forms, and anything else you can think of. Just select the data fields you’d like to capture, set which fields are mandatory, and choose a mail group to add contacts to, you can even set a ‘Thank you’ redirect URL.

Analyse page traffic and CTA performance

Landing page statistics help you to gauge which pages are highly trafficked and those that aren’t performing. Drill down to see page stats for link clicks, document downloads, form submissions, etc. User identity reports show user locations, devices, operating systems and so much more.

Landing Page Stats

Clients love our landing page builder

Everything looks great. Thanks again for your speedy work! The landing page sign up form and trigger email functioned perfectly for our campaign. Your automation has taken care of everything for us. Thanks team!


Our landing page is looking great! Very slick! The team is very happy with the result. Thanks for your quick and hard work.

Police Health

Multiple integration options

A few landing page examples

Arevo for RACV Microsite

Arevo – RACV


ICanQuit – NSW Government

ICanQuit – NSW Government

Event Microsite

Victorian Government – Let’s Ride

Victorian Government – Let’s Ride

Event Microsite

Frequently Asked Questions About Swift Digital's Landing Page Design & Builder Tool

What is a landing page builder tool?

A landing page builder tool is a software or a platform that allows users to create and design landing pages ready to publish to the web without extensive coding or design skills. A landing page tool is usually a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customise, build and design a landing page.

Do I need coding skills to use Swift Digital's landing page builder tool?

No, you don’t have to be a full-stack developer or coder to use Swift Digital’s landing page builder. Our landing page platform is designed to streamline the creation of engaging yet detailed landing pages.

What are the benefits of using a landing page design and builder tool?

There are numerous benefits to using a landing page design and builder tool, including:

Ease of use – A landing page design and builder tools are very easy to use, even for users with no coding or prior experience in web design or coding.

Feature-rich – Landing page design and builder tools offer a range of features such as customisations, drag-and-drop editors, easy publishing to the web, in-depth analytics reporting, CTA forms and more.

Cost-effectiveness – Landing page design and builder tools are much more cost effective than hiring a web designer or web agency. All-in-one marketing automation platforms like Swift Digital include them as part of their email marketing and/or events management software.

Which landing page design and builder tool is right for me?

It is important to choose a landing page designer and builder tool that works for you. Some things you should look for are:

Features – What features are important to you? Some landing page design and builder tools offer more features than others.

Price – How much are you willing to spend on a landing page design and builder tool? Prices vary depending on the features and functionality that you need.

Easy to use – How easy is the landing page design and builder tool to use? If you are not a web designer, you will want to choose a tool that is easy to use.Swift Digital’s landing page platform is included as part of our all-in-one digital marketing platform. It has many features such as customisations, CTA forms, reporting and analytics and tracking features! On top of all of these features, it is easy to use, and no developer or coding skills are required!

How do I use a landing page design and builder tool like Swift Digital?

Using Swift Digital’slanding page design and builder tool is really easy. We also offer lots of resources to make it even easier to use the landing page software. Book a demo with us to see Swift Digital in action and see for yourself!

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