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Landing pages for banks & financial organisations

Australian banks & financial organisations of all sizes have selected Swift Digital as their engagement platform.

Easy-to-build landing pages that help your customers take the next step

Swift Digital is your all-in-one landing page platform.

Build web pages like you build emails. Create forms to capture leads and contacts. Use our built-in tools to automate campaigns and user journeys, see contact engagement, and view advanced insights and statistics to see how your pages perform.

See all this and more in action. Schedule a demo to see how our landing page software can help you…


Speak to your customers’ needs from branded templates


Make pages more interactive using dozens of built-in features


Capture attention & encourage a clearly defined action


Create unlimited pages with our drag & drop builder


Responsive pages that display on mobile devices & desktops


Trigger automatic follow up by specific page actions

Most websites don’t have a TRAFFIC problem. However, every website has a CONVERSION problem.

Bryan Eisenberg

Why Swift Digital?

Banking and financial organisations face extra challenges when it comes to maintaining security, data integrity, and data privacy.

Since starting out in 2001, Swift Digital has taken this very seriously. It’s why our servers are all based in Australia. We’re fully compliant with all Australian data laws, including data privacy and anti-spam laws.

This is part of the reason why we are able to look after so many large organisations in government, education, superannuation, investment, legal, and accounting, as well as banks and financial organisations.

In fact, we’ve approved government suppliers in NSW, VIC, and QLD.

Landing pages are just one of the automated marketing features of our platform. You’ll also find comprehensive tools for email marketing, event management, online surveys, mobile and SMS, and engagement scoring.

This suite of service is designed to help you reach out to your target audience more effectively while remaining strictly compliant.

Your data couldn’t be safer!

In addition to our long-standing reputation for quality, organisations choose us because all our data servers are located in Australia.

This means that your data remains under Australian jurisdiction; and we are fully compliant with anti-spam and privacy laws.

I have had nothing but exceptional service from Swift Digital. Right from my first meeting, through to the design team and the tech guys; They have impressed me every step of the way. Always reassuring, swift and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sydney Opera House

Some impressive statistics


Pages Created


Page Visits


Forms Captured

Packed to the rafters with landing page features

Flexible layout controls

Easily control layouts with our drag-and-drop editor, add rows and/or columns as needed.

Mobile responsive

All layouts and features are fully mobile responsive with no extra effort required.

YouTube videos

Add YouTube videos to your page by simply popping in the video URL.

Navigation bar

Create a navigation bar and link to other pages to create your own microsite.

Google maps

Add map blocks based on an address or event venue, then set your map zoom level.

Sharing features

Add social media sharing icons to allow your page to be shared on social media networks.

Interactive poll

Add an interactive poll to your page to capture visitor feedback or opinion.

Event calendar

Add a list of events to your page, even pull in events dynamically from the event area.

Event RSVP function

Add an event RSVP area allowing visitors to register or decline to attend an event.

Call-To-Action forms

Build forms to capture subscribers, leads, feedback or other visitor information.


Dynamically display past email or newsletter publications.

Set activation and expiry dates

Specify a date and time to activate your landing page, likewise, set an expiry for the page.
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation landing page
AMP bank landing page
IOOF landing page

Who's it for?

Are you launching new products and services designed for a new segment of your target market?

Or perhaps you simply want to encourage existing customers to download your new app or attend a special event?

Either way, persuasive, optimised landing pages that encourage your audience to take the desired action can increase conversions.

The problem is that landing pages can be challenging to create – requiring professional copywriting, design, and coding.

We’ve taken the legwork out of it and made it easy for banks and financial organisations to create effective landing pages.

It’s as easy as writing an email. Simply use our drag and drop builder to design your branded pages from a series of eye-catching templates…

Reach out to more customers with dedicated landing pages:

  • Targeting the right messages for your audience

  • Create targeted messaging based on customers taking one action

  • Build pages using a simple drag & drop builder

  • Add dozens of features to increase engagement & conversions

  • Create interactive pages with video, calendars, Google Maps, etc.

  • Choose from a range of templates for banks & financial organisations

  • Display all landing pages clearly on mobile devices & desktops

  • Insert call-to-action forms to make it simple for customers to act

  • Optimise pages to improve the user experience

  • Automate follow-up according to user behaviour (file downloads, form submissions, etc.)

  • Track key metrics to measure campaign performance


Automate & optimise

By automating and optimising your landing pages, you ensure that you can create more effective pages quicker and easier.

This helps you reach out to more of your customers more frequently and persuade them to take the desired action.

Your pages can be highly targeted to specific groups or ‘segments’ of customers and prospects – created from a range of branded templates from which you can build your landing pages with all the features they need.

This helps you create maximum impact with minimal demand on your precious time.

Form Triggers

Send automated emails and SMS messages based on form submissions

Lead capture form submitted

Send “Welcome” email

Behavioural Triggers

Send automated emails and SMS messages based on behaviour

If specified link is clicked

Send follow up SMS

Build User Journeys

Build user journeys with unlimited paths, actions, and milestones

  • Build unlimited paths with various triggers to send email and SMS campaigns.
  • Set triggers to occur at any variable, from immediately to hundreds of days later.
  • Assign data conditions to triggers that must be met for campaigns to be sent.
  • Run, pause, edit, and clone campaign journeys at any time.

Need more than landing pages?

Besides landing pages, banking and financial organisations can use our platform to reach out to customers via several other channels: email marketing, event management, SMS, online surveys, and engagement scoring create a full suite of marketing automation services.

All tools integrate with Salesforce and most other CRMs; you can manage all marketing campaigns from a single dashboard; and all data is processed here in Australia by our locally based servers.

Learn more: Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Effortlessly create stunning emails, newsletters, and campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder.

Event Management

From invite to check-in, you’ll have a beautifully branded and seamless event registration process.


Create simple or complex surveys using over a dozen question types and branching logic.

Mobile and SMS

Send personalised messages to your contacts and monitor replies.


Create user journeys and assign actions to occur based on milestones, dates, and behaviours.

Engagement Scoring

See who’s engaged and who’s not and target campaigns accordingly.

What's next?

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