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Australian Modern Slavery Statement

This Statement describes the actions taken by Swift Digital and its subsidiaries (“Swift Digital,” “we”, or “our”) to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and our supply chains pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Swift Digital is opposed to all forms of human trafficking, slavery, servitude, child labour, forced or compulsory labour and all other trafficking-related activities.

We are committed to the following:
(i) fully complying with all applicable labour and employment laws, rules and regulations and
(ii) working to mitigate the risk of human trafficking in our business and supply chains.

Swift Digital provides an online platform that enables businesses to communicate with organisations and persons using a digital email marketing and event automation platform.

Policy Framework

Swift Digital is committed to operating our business ethically and lawfully, only working with suppliers that are aligned with our core values. We expect our suppliers to follow all applicable modern slavery laws, including those prohibiting human slavery and slavery-like practices, human trafficking and child labour.

Swift Digital encourages reporting procedures and provides protection against retaliation for those making a report. If Swift Digital becomes aware of a violation of its policies, Swift Digital will reasonably investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

Furthermore, if Swift Digital becomes aware that laws, rules or regulations have been violated, Swift Digital will cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities.

In addition, Swift Digitals’ standard vendor agreements require that vendors adhere to applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Swift Digital