Appointment Booking System

IOOF required a custom solution for booking one-on-one appointments between staff/customers and IOOF advisers.

A brief consult period resulted in a quick turn around, with the final product launched within a two-week time frame.

The appointment booking system is reusable, and has the ability to create unlimited versions of itself to meet future needs.

See details and examples below

The speed at which we were up and running was beyond impressive, and the system has performed beyond our best expectations.

IOOF Event Manager
IOOF Appointment Sessions

A custom appointment booking system,

providing IOOF with a complete solution,

to capture bookings and automate processes.

Points of automation

Confirmations and cancellations are handled automatically and calendars update with live data.

Calendar Flexibility

The flexibility to create unlimited calendar versions and choose which events display on which calendar.

Session Flexibility

The ability to easily set session times, interruptions and breaks at any time and of any duration.

Racing Conditions

Ensure there is no possibility of two people booking the same session at the same time.

The booking process…

Step One

Booking Calendar
Visitors are directed to a booking calendar where they may choose to register for a session based on category/location and time slot.

Step Two

Based on their calendar selection, users are taken to a registration form where they provide their details and complete their booking.

Step Three

Users receive an email confirming their booking. They can later cancel their booking–freeing that space–if they’re no longer able to attend.