QuitMail’s email marketing automation program

QuitMail–a program by Cancer Council–is designed to provide support and advice to people who are committed to quitting smoking. A 12-week email marketing automation program was developed to highlight the financial gains and health benefits that result from quitting smoking.

Here’s how it works…

Users sign up to QuitMail, and set their desired “Quit Date”

Users sign up to QuitMail via the subscription form which was built in the Swift Digital Landing Page module.

The subscriber is added into a database mail group called “Quit Subscribers”. The date they selected to quit smoking is stored in a custom data field called “Quit Date”.

QuitMail - Sign up
When signing up, a user provides their desired “Quit Date”. This date will then determine the sending times for emails within the marketing automation program.

Emails automatically trigger based on a user’s “Quit Date”

After setting up dozens of emails in Swift Digital’s Composer module, triggers are then created in the Triggers module that will automatically send each email a certain number of days before/after a user’s “Quit Date”.

Trigger Module
Specify the subscriber mail group (in this case “Quit Subscribers”) that the trigger should apply to.
Select the target date field (in this case “Quit Date”) that should be used to trigger actions.
Set the time and number of days before/after your target date to trigger an email.

This results in a entirely automated 12-week email campaign program that continually advises people on the progress and benefits they’ve received from quitting smoking, and also helps to keep them motivated throughout their Quit journey.

Examples from the email marketing automation program

These are some of the emails that trigger to subscribers XX number of days before/after their “Quit Date”.