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Australian SMS Marketing & Automation Software

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Packed to the rafters with SMS software marketing features

Branded sender name

Messages appear from your organisation name rather than an anonymous number.

Dedicated numbers

Register a dedicated number so that all messages arrive from the same number.

One-way message delivery

Send branded, one-way messages that do not provide the recipient an option to reply.

Two-way message delivery

Send two-way messages that allow recipients to directly reply to you.

Automated STOP/opt out

The system automatically unsubscribes STOP replies to keep you legally compliant.

Top-tier mobile gateway

We use a first-class mobile gateway to ensure timely delivery of your messages.

Personalisation options

Include personalisation fields directly within the SMS software.

Built-in event function

Create and send SMS messages directly from your SMS software.

Powerful SMS software automation tools

Use SMS software automation tools in our Campaign Builder to trigger events based on SMS activity. For example, set up a trigger in your SMS marketing campaign software that sends an email with a document download to those who replied to your SMS campaign with their interest.

Additionally, you can pre-schedule any campaign to be sent to a group of contacts. Want to arrange an SMS reminder to be sent to event registrants the night before an event? You can schedule it in the SMS software to go weeks in advance, no need to rush around the night before, trying to get your message out.

Event Reminders

Automatically remind registrants to attend an upcoming event.

Renewal Notifications

Use the SMS software to automatically notify contacts of upcoming renewal dates.

SMS Software

Use SMS Software to create and personalise SMS messages

Create unlimited SMS campaigns in your SMS marketing campaign software and schedule messages to be sent to your contacts using our SMS software. From event reminders to marketing campaigns, renewal notifications, membership alerts or any other message.

Connect with your SMS recipients by using the SMS software to add personalisation to your SMS campaigns. Insert first names, member numbers, case numbers, or any other data field.

Send branded one-way, or two-way messages

You have the choice of sending one-way or two-way SMS campaigns. One-way campaigns allow you to specify the sender name as your organisation name (rather than a random mobile number) but do not allow replies. Two-way campaigns allow recipients to reply to your messages, however, messages are sent from a random SMS number.

If you would like to send branded, two-way SMS messages, we can take care of setting up a dedicated mobile number that’s yours–and only yours–to use with your campaigns in our SMS marketing campaign software.

SMS has a Whopping 98% Open Rate!


Sent: 50

Replies: 18

Received: 38

Opt-outs: 2

Failed: 12

SMS software that analyses real-time delivery reports and SMS replies

View reports in your SMS marketing campaign software that shows which numbers successfully received and those that failed to receive SMS messages. If you used two-way messaging, you can see replies to your SMS campaigns directly within the SMS software. Automated opt-out functionality means there is no manual processing required to unsubscribe mobile numbers from receiving future communications from your SMS marketing campaign software.

Combine SMS software with your email platform for immediate results

Increase your engagement levels

Run an SMS campaign alongside your email campaign and see your customer engagement levels rise.

Automate to save time and reduce manual work

Save time for other tasks by automating your SMS and email using the one software.

Increase conversion rates

SMS marketing software has some of the best conversion rates of any direct engagement tool.

7 Reasons Why SMS Software Works

Everybody has a phone

It’s Instant

Excellent Open Rates (98% Open Rate)

High ROI


Can send in bulk

Direct and to the point

Multiple integration options

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