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Powerful Australian Online Survey Software

Online Survey Screens
Custom Branded Templates

Beautifully on-brand surveys, emails and pages.

Mobile Responsive

All surveys, emails and pages are automatically mobile responsive.

Features and Flexibility

Multi-purpose forms, over a dozen of question types, and many more features.

Surveys Created
Questions Added
Responses Received

Packed to the rafters with survey features

15 question types

There are 15 question types to use in any combination and with any criteria.

Branded templates

High-quality, branded survey, email and page templates.

Custom subdomain

Branded URL’s for sharing surveys via email, online, on social media.

Anonymous or tracked

Set your surveys up for anonymous or identified feedback.

Multiple reporting options

View HTML or PDF reports with charts and graphs, or export to Excel.

Branching logic

Use logic and criteria to keep surveys concise and relevant.

Set open/close dates

Specify when you’d like to start and stop receiving responses.

Save and return functionality

Allow respondents to save progress and return at a later time.

Signature panels

Add a signatory box for compliance, permission and approval sign-offs.

Trigger emails

Automatically issue emails to respondents upon completion.

Landing pages

Build landing pages to provide more information and link to your surveys.

Multi-purpose forms

Use forms for surveys, feedback, data capture, registrations, etc.

All Survey Data is Kept in Australia

Swift Digital is iso 27001 certified and Australian owned and operated. This means we take Australian data security seriously. Whether it be a simple event feedback survey, an inquiry form as part of a nurture campaign, or a job application form, you will find the online survey tool an invaluable part of your marketing strategy. Short or long, simple or complex; online surveys can help build data sets or trigger important steps in a nurture strategy.

ISO 20017 certified Swift Digital
UniBank Survey

Design and brand your surveys with custom templates and themes

Easily find out how to create a survey, using templates built according to your brand and style, then upload your own banner and footer images for each online survey that you build. Whether you’ve built a one-off online survey, or you’re following up with an event feedback form as the last step of your event process, it’s important to maintain a professional appearance of your brand. You won’t see Swift Digital logos plastered all over your online surveys and emails when using our online survey tool.

All surveys, emails and pages are automatically mobile responsive, and will work a treat on any mobile phone or tablet.

Build surveys like a pro with 15 question types and numerous features

From simple feedback to complex, multi-logic, branching forms, our online survey platform offers numerous features and question types for all kinds of surveys and forms. Sync your survey data to your CRM with Swift Digital’s integration features.

Text Field

Text Area



Radio Options

Tickbox Options




Phone Number

Email Address

Pre-filled (locked)


File Upload


Send surveys to contacts with our built-in email tool

Our online survey platform comes integrated with our email and digital marketing platform. You no longer need two different providers to create surveys and send emails. Use our email and survey software to create your survey, create and publish your email, and watch as your survey results begin to flow in.

Learn More: Email Marketing

Analyse reports with views by question or respondent

The results for each of your surveys are available as they happen, with reports available in multiple formats for maximum flexibility. View your online survey reports by questions view or respondent view.

The online survey tool can generate PDF reports to allow you to view and print results with graphical statistical representations such as bar and pie charts.

Our online survey tool’s export functionality allows you to export data to Excel for further analysis and manipulation.

5 Features to look for in an Online Survey Tool

1. Australian Data

2. Branded Survey Templates

3. No Company Logos!

4. Integration Options

5. Question Type Variety

How does Swift Digital's Online Survey Software protect users and audiences' data?

Australian-based and owned

Government certified

ISO 27001 certified

To level security

Multiple integration options

Online Survey Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online survey platform?

An online survey platform is a tool that can be used to build and create surveys and collect answers and data electronically from a target audience or segment. The surveys include a range of questions such as ranking, multiple choice, text, radio, open-ended and more. A good digital marketing platform will include this tool in its wider marketing and communications platform. 

What are the benefits of using online survey software?

There are numerous benefits to using online survey software, including:

Cost Effective – There’s a very low set-up cost, but you can obtain incredible reach. As survey software handles every step of the process for you, there’s no need to spend excessive time or resources or outsource to an expensive market research company.

Secure Data – Survey data is captured in an online survey platform. Pick an online survey tool that keeps data secure in Australia and is ISO 27001 certified. 

Speed and Convenience – Collecting results and conducting analysis is also much quicker with an online survey platform. You can start to analyse the results of your surveys automatically in real-time as they come in, rather than waiting to collate all the information at the end.

Honesty and Accuracy  – Unlike telephone or face-to-face surveys, you can make your online surveys anonymous so users are more inclined to answer honestly.

In this way, surveys are a great tool to help you tailor your products and services based on real responses and genuine feedback.

What are some features to look for in online survey software?

Australian data – The online survey platform should hold the survey data in Australia and have a high level of data security protection to protect you and your respondents. Your online survey platform should be ISO 27001 certified

Branded survey templates – Ability to customise and add your branding to your survey 

Variety of question types – The survey software should offer a variety of question types, such as multiple choice, open-ended

Removal of company logo – Ability to remove or not have the survey company’s logo all over your survey!

Integration Options – Ability to sync your data and integrate your online survey tool with your CRM. See Swift Digital’s integration options.

Reporting features – The survey software should generate comprehensive reports that you can use to analyse your survey results.

How Does Swift Digital's online survey software protect users' and audiences' data?

Swift Digital is Australian-owned, government accredited and ISO 27001 certified. Swift Digital’s security combines the strength of the world’s most credible data centre, the proven efficacy of superior survey software and a watchful security team to protect our clients’ vital information.

Where can I learn how to create a survey using Swift Digital?

So, if you want to collect feedback from a group of people, you create a survey, of course! We at Swift Digital can help you with your survey creation and publishing and guarantee that your data and survey responses will remain in Australia. You can.