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Online Survey Platform for Government Departments

Federal or state government departments, government-funded organisations.

Gather the data you need with an easy-to-use Australian survey site. 

Swift Digital is your all-in-one marketing automation and government survey platform.

Create simple or complex surveys using over a dozen question types and branching logic. Use our built-in tools to see responses by question view or respondent view, and export advanced PDF and Excel reports directly from the platform.

See it in action. Schedule a demo of our government survey system….

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Customised templates for mobile & desktop interaction


Easy-to-complete surveys ensure impressive response rates


Use the information gathered to guide decision-making


Design unique surveys with our drag & drop builder


Custom-branded templates to promote your organisation


Measure & analyse survey responses

Many Australian government departments have selected Swift Digital as their government survey system.

Web-based questionnaires could replace traditional paper questionnaires based on comparable response rates and lower costs.

Conclusion of a 2013 study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research
Melbourne library

Why Swift Digital?

Australian Government departments, like many large organisations in Australia, must deal with extra challenges when it comes to marketing and communications.

Swift Digital security and privacy is always paramount. It’s partly for this reason that many of Australia’s largest government, banking, financial, educational and legal organisations choose Swift Digital as their government survey system. We are Australian government accredited as well.

The Swift Digital servers are located in Australia, with data subject to Australian jurisdiction only. We are ISO 27001 certifed. We also keep up to date with, and ensure compliance with, all anti-spam and privacy laws.

As well as this, our digital marketing platform has established itself since 2001 as the most reputable and effective marketing automation platform in the country.

A full suite of services

Online surveys are just one part of the suite of marketing automation services we provide.

Our platform offers comprehensive tools for email marketing, event management, mobile/SMS marketing, landing pages, and more.

Your data is safer with us!

With data servers located in Australia, your data always remains under Australian jurisdiction. This gives our clients peace of mind – as does the fact that we’re fully compliant with all anti-spam and privacy laws.

We have started sending out our surveys online using the platform and have been getting great comments from the business on the new look and feel of the surveys. Also, our team is very happy with the support received when they’ve had questions.

NSW Government

Some impressive statistics


Surveys Created


Questions Added


Responses Received

Packed to the rafters with survey features

15 question types

There are 15 question types to use in any combination and with any criteria.

Branded templates

High-quality, branded survey, email and page templates.

Custom subdomain

Branded URL’s for sharing surveys via email, online, on social media.

Anonymous or tracked

Set your surveys up for anonymous or identified feedback.

Multiple reporting options

View HTML or PDF reports with charts and graphs, or export to Excel.

Branching logic

Use logic and criteria to keep surveys concise and relevant.

Set open/close dates

Specify when you’d like to start and stop receiving responses.

Save and return functionality

Allow respondents to save progress and return at a later time.

Signature panels

Add a signatory box for compliance, permission and approval sign-offs.

Trigger emails

Automatically issue emails to respondents upon completion.

Landing pages

Build landing pages to provide more information and link to your surveys.

Multi-purpose forms

Use forms for surveys, feedback, data capture, registrations, etc.
NSW Office of Sport
Customer Service NSW Newsletter
Transport NSW Newsletter

Who's it for?

Creating and distributing paper surveys and then analysing responses was once a time-consuming and expensive process.

But the significant advances of technology have helped government organisations transition to a more cost-effective and engaging way to gather the data they need to make important decisions and take action.

If you’re looking to gather information from citizens, suppliers, contractors, staff, or any other stakeholders in your government department, then Australian survey sites like Swift Digital make life a lot easier.

Whether you need opinion on government satisfaction or environmental issues, or feedback from event attendees or voters, our Australian government surveys are easy to build and designed to optimise response rates…

Build more effective surveys by:

  • Including 15 different message types to elicit responses

  • Using the drag & drop builder to create unlimited customised surveys

  • Improving readability with clear & crisp design

  • Designing user-friendly surveys that are quick & easy to complete

  • Permitting data saving & resumption for survey respondents

  • Using branch logic to keep the surveys succinct

  • Automatically designing surveys for mobile & desktop

  • Building landing pages to increase survey response rates

  • Distributing surveys quickly via downloads or emails

  • Gathering data into visual reports for an at-a-glance view of responses

Many Australian government departments have selected Swift Digital as their engagement platform.


Digital surveys that save time & lower costs

Digitising paper-based surveys doesn’t just reduce the paperwork and data entry burden.

Australian survey sites speed up the process of getting the data you need to take action; it lowers costs of getting this information; and can save considerable amounts of time for government employees.

We’ve simplified the government survey design process and the experience of completing the surveys, helping government departments get more of the feedback and opinion they need using the government survey system.

And we provide the tools to analyse the responses quickly and effectively, as well as following up with respondents with automatic emails upon survey completion.

Create maximum impact with minimal demand on your precious time.

Email Triggers

Send automated emails with links to your surveys

When someone attends Government program

Send “Program Feedback” email

Completion Email

Send automated completion email once survey has been submitted.

“Program Feedback” survey is submitted

Immediately send “Thank you” email

Build User Journeys

Build user journeys with unlimited paths, actions, and milestones

  • Build unlimited paths with various triggers to send email and SMS campaigns.
  • Set triggers to occur at any variable, from immediately to hundreds of days later.
  • Assign data conditions to triggers that must be met for campaigns to be sent.
  • Run, pause, edit, and clone campaign journeys at any time.

Need more than survey software?

Swift Digital provides an entire automated marketing platform for government departments, not just a government survey system.

This includes a suite of tools including email marketing, event management, landing page creation, SMS and mobile, marketing automation, and more.

All campaigns can be managed centrally from a single dashboard, with data servers located in Australia processing all your data.

Learn more: Online Surveys

Email Marketing

Effortlessly create stunning emails, newsletters, and campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder.

Event Management

From invite to check-in, you’ll have a beautifully branded and seamless event registration process.

Landing Pages

Build web pages like you build emails. Create forms to capture leads and contacts.

Mobile and SMS

Send personalised messages to your contacts and monitor responses.


Create user journeys and assign actions to occur based on milestones, dates, and behaviours.

Engagement Scoring

See who’s engaged and who’s not and target campaigns accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swift Digital's Online Government Survey Platform

Is Swift Digital's platform secure for handling government data?

Yes! Swift Digital’s enterprise security program combines the strength of the world’s most credible data centre, ISO 27001 certified, with the proven efficacy of superior software and a watchful Swift Digital security team to protect our government clients’ vital information at all times. We are Australian government accredited as well.

The Swift Digital servers are located in Australia, and data is subject to Australian jurisdiction only. We also keep up to date with and ensure compliance with all anti-spam and privacy laws and run regular penetration testing on the online survey platform.

How is data handled by Swift Digital?

Unlike similar SaaS software, which keeps your data offshore and is not compliant with Australian government regulations, Swift Digital is Australian-owned and operated. It secures your data by keeping it onshore in Australia. Our servers are geo-locked to Australia. Your data remains within Australia and is bound by Australian privacy law–not foreign legislation.

What types of surveys can I create on the platform?

Swift Digital’s survey platform allows you to design and create your own branded surveys. You can use the survey platform to create employee feedback surveys, feedback surveys, market surveys, academic surveys, event feedback surveys, sms surveys, interviews, focus group surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and more!

What kind of support is available for Swift Digital's government survey platform?

Swift Digital’s government survey system offers free training to all clients. We also have a range of video tutorials and an online knowledgebase to help with creating your government survey.

Does Swift Digital offer training for their platform?

Yes, Swift Digital’s government survey system offers free training to all clients. To learn more about Swift Digital’s government online survey platform is simple! Chat with one of our online survey specialists, who will provide you with a walk-through of the online government survey system. Contact us here.

What's next?

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